1st December 2021 | 13:00 - 14:00 | Live Online

Intergenerational wealth transfer: crypto and the next generation

Research highlights that over the next decade £1 trillion of assets will flow to future generations and 65% of those inheriting wealth are unlikely to use the same financial advisers as those passing on their wealth. This next generation of investors may be perceived as ‘low value’ and uninterested in saving by financial planners, but is this a ticking time bomb and an accurate portrayal? In fact 2.3 million of UK consumers hold crypto assets and 74% of users are aged 25-44. Given this backdrop, are financial planners truly well positioned to maximise this opportunity and how do they engage with this next generation?


Gillian Hepburn, Head of UK Intermediary Solutions, Schroders

Philip Martin, Co-Founder & Business Development Director, Unique Financial Planning