Our Circle of Competence

“Know your circle of competence and stick within it – the size of the circle is not very important, knowing its boundaries however its vital”. This quote by Warren Buffett provides a useful frame of reference when thinking about our investment philosophy against the current backdrop of market volatility and heighted uncertainty. Scottish Mortgage’s “circle of competence” is anchored around identifying and owning the world’s most exceptional growth companies. We prefer to focus less on the noise in the markets, because everyone is focussed on that already, and instead, focus on what are the deep underlying changes in the world, and who are the people that are approaching those changes with business models that are going to take advantage of that, and help us build a future that is different from the one that we already have. Join Claire Shaw to understand more about the role Scottish Mortgage can play in investing in the future by embracing change, by embracing the possibilities and embracing progress.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the unique philosophy that sits at the heart of Scottish Mortgage
  • Understand why long-term structural changes in society are more powerful drivers of change and disruption than macro-economic or geopolitical issues, and why it is rational to seek out the exceptional companies driving this change in order to maximise your chances for growth over decades
  • Understand why the current environment still leaves room for optimism for the investor willing to take a long-term, patient view


Claire Shaw, Investment Specialist – Scottish Mortgage, Bailie Gifford 

Claire joined Baillie Gifford in 2019 as an Investment Specialist for the Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust PLC. Prior to this since 2014, she was a Portfolio Manager of European Small and Mid Caps at SYZ Asset Management and previously spent six years at Franklin Templeton on the European Equities team. Claire holds a First Class MA (Honours) degree in Geography from the University of Aberdeen and a Masters (MSc) in Research from the University of Edinburgh.

2. Baillie Gifford - 26 October 2022

Date: 26 October 2022

Venue: Online

Time: 1.00 - 2.00pm