2021 Nominees

Congratulations to all of our 2021 nominees! If your name is on the list below you will receive further communication about the next steps. If you haven't received this email, please contact us.

Abbie Knight, Abbie Knight

Abhi Jain, Bluebay Asset Management

Abigail Banks, The Private Office

Adele White, Mat White Financial Services

Aedin Watts, Investec Wealth And Investment

Agne Selemonaite, Connectpay

Aida Feriz, Wimmer Family Office

Aimee Mctaggart, Chase de Vere

Alexandra Jackson, Rathbone Unit Trust Management

Alibar Crosthwaite, Trinity Lifetime Partners

Alice Haine, W M C Wealth Management

Alice Baker, Morgan Williams & Co

Alison Mollard, AJ Bell Investcentre

Alison Sellers, Astus Financial Planning

Allan Cruse, Strategic Solutions Financial Services

Allie Baglow, Allisons Financial Planning

Amanda Cook, Investec Wealth and Investment

Amanda Burden, Pi Partnership Group

Amanda Mellors, I2 Retirement and Financial Planning

Amanda Redman, Amanda Redman Wealth Management

Amelia Overd, Castlefield Partners

Amira Norris, Nucleus Financial Services

Amy Monk, Slone Capital

Amy Tyley, Progeny

Andrea Solana, Maseco Private Wealth

Andrea Webster, Quilter

Angela Holdsworth, IFA Assistant

Anita Raj, Sterling Financial Services

Anna Blake, St. James's Place Wealth Management

Anna Bowes, Savings Champion and The Private Office

Anna Griffiths, Clear Financial Advice

Anna Stoughton, Boring Money

Annabel Gray, B-Compliant

Annabel Lumsden, Infinite Financial Planning

Annabelle Amor, Luna Financial Planning

Annette Ball, Blackdown Financial

Ann-Marie Atkins, Tilney Financial Planning

Arianna Beech, St James's Place Wealth Management

Arya Taware, Futurebricks

Ashley Graney, Optasia Wealth Management

Audrey Piechura, Robertson Baxter

Avin Talabani, William Russell

Ayesha Patel, SimplyBiz

Barbara Swift, Broadstone

Bella Caridade-Fereira, Fundscape

Bethan Lloyd, Quilter

Bromley Hurn, Themis Wealth Management

Bronia Widdows, Broadstone

Camilla Brewis, Beewise FS

Camilla Hoskisson, AIG Life

Cara Lambert, Tees Financial

Carla Brown, Oakmere Wealth Management

Carla Morris, Brewin Dolphin

Carol Grant, BRB Wealth Management

Caroline Hawkesley, Progeny

Caroline Cooke, Schroders Personal Wealth

Caroline de La Soujeole, Canaccord Genuity

Caroline Rose, Brewin Dolphin

Caroline Stuart, Sparrow Paraplanning

Caroline Underhill, The Fry Group

Carolyn Matravers, Old Mill Financial Planning

Carolyne Russell, Advanta Wealth

Casey Graham, Bespoke Wealth

Catherine Lake, Punter Southall Wealth

Catherine Richmond, Progeny

Catherine Green, Transact

Catherine Morgan, The Money Panel

Catherine Simmonds, Catherine Simmonds Wealth Management

Cathi Harrison, Apricity Compliance & The Verve Group

Catriona Mccarron, Ascot Wealth Management

Catriona Smith, Chase de Vere

Ceri Griffiths, Willowbrook St. James's Place Wealth Management

Chanelle Pattinson, P&P Invest

Charlene Coulbeck, Informed Financial Planning

Charley Turner, BSG Financial Solutions

Charlie Stacey, SimplyBiz

Charlotte Woodward, James Hay Partnership

Charlotte Brayton, James Hambro & Partners

Charlotte Corr, Old Mill Financial Planning

Charlotte Harrison, iPipeline

Charlotte Hughes, Quilter Private Client Advisers

Charlotte Lambeth, Charles Stanley

Charlotte Lidstone, The Money Mummy

Charlotte Nixon, Quilter Financial Planning

Charlotte Rush, Burfields House Wealth Management

Charlotte Slack, Robertson Baxter

Charlotte Willis, Progeny

Charlotte Wood, Rosewood Financial Planning

Chauntelle Hope, Ubuntu Wealth Management

Cheryl Mellor, Quilter

Chloe Hudson, Lovewell Blake Financial Planning

Chloe Phillips, G&E

Chloe Timperley, Robertson Baxter

Chris Baigent-Reed, Jigsaw Tree

Chrissie Kilgallon, Transact

Christina Aspinall, Aviva

Christine Newell, Paradigm Mortgage Services

Claire Bocking, Schroders Personal Wealth

Claire Barker, Brooks Macdonald

Claire Bell, Wesleyan Financial Services

Claire Mcewen, Transact

Claire Thorne, AIG Life

Claire Whitworth, SimplyBiz

Clare Harris, SimplyBiz

Claudia Quiroz, Quilter Cheviot

Clémence Chatelin, Paradigm Norton Financial Planning

Cleona Lira, Celtic Financial Planning

Colette Noble, Lift-Financial Group

Corinne Gibbons, Quilter Financial Advisers

Cynthia Poole, Raymond James

Dani Nicholls, Balance: Wealth Planning

Dani Shaffery, Finura

Danielle Arnold, Tempus Wealth

Danielle Lecomber, Hall And Costello Wealth Management

Danielle Taylor, Woburn Street Financial Planning

Davinia Rogers, SimplyBiz

Dawn Buckland, Timothy James & Partners

Debbie Connolly, 1825 Financial Planning

Debbie Moore, HSBC UK

Debbie Skerritt, Quilter Private Client Advisers

Deborah Tate, CHN Financial Consultancy

Dewmi Minty, The Private Office

Diane Weitz, Ashlea

Dina Bhudia, P2M Asset Management

Donna Meredith, SimplyBiz

Donna Buffham, The Private Office

Donna Hopton, Cherry

Donna Roberts, Beckett Financial Services

Doris Coiley, Miskimmin Wealth

Ekaterina Vankova, William Russell

Elizabeth Lester, Lester Brunt Wealth Management

Elizabeth Fleming-Duffy, Cherry Mortgage & Finance

Elizabeth Pindar, Aberdeen Standard Capital

Ellie Cunningham, Praemium International

Ellis Clapp, Zest Mortgage Brokers

Elly Dowding, ESG Accord

Eloise Hammond, SeventySeven Wealth Management

Emily Baker-Gaunt, Cooper Parry

Emily Bentley, AIG Life

Emily Blain, SimplyBiz

Emily Davies, Truly Independent

Emily Watts, Finncap

Emma Lewis, Carl Summers Financial Services

Emma Napier, Bravura Solutions

Emma Bradshaw, J Osborne Healthcare

Emma Foden-Pattinson, Charles Stanley Wealth Managers

Emma Hauserman, Lovewell Blake Financial Planning

Emma Hunt, Finura

Emma James, Maseco

Emma Lewis, Carl Summers Financial Services

Emma Mcnally, Chase de Vere

Emma Rivers, Saunderson House

Emma Sherlock, Stan Sherlock Associates

Emma Steele, The Private Office

Emma Walker, Barnaby Cecil

Emma Watson, Rathbones

Emma Wilkinson, Holden & Partners

Emma-Louise Roberts, Queens Square Wealth Management

Erin Davey, Progeny

Erin Herbert, SimplyBiz

Felicia Meyerowitz Singh, Akoni Hub

Felicity Lawrence, Quilter Private Client Advisers

Fiona Rhys -Jones, LL Financial Solutions

Fiona Kilburn, Carl Summers Financial Services

Fiona Manning, Abrdn

Flora Stamato, Flora Stamato

Fran Carey, Blackdown Financial

Fran Dunn, Quilter Financial Planning

Francesca Case, Ewing Associates

Frankie Hayes, First Service Financial

Frankie Webb, The Openwork Partnership

Gemma Young, Queens Square Wealth Management

Gemma Harle, Quilter Financial Planning

Gemma Harrison-Whitehead, Carl Summers Financial Services

Georgia Martin, Trinity Lifetime Partners

Georgia Mckay, Homecroft Wealth

Georgie Walters, Buckingham Gate Financial Services

Georgina Fry, Saunderson House

Gill Hutchison, Embark Group

Gill Davidson, Quilter

Gillian Ray, The Equity Release Experts

Gillian Hepburn, Schroders

Gillian Shirt, Robertson Baxter

Grace Agnew, Foster Denovo

Gretchen Betts, Magenta Financial Planning

Guinevere Taylor, RBC Global Asset Management UK

Haley Verlander, Maseco

Hannah Edwards, Eva Capital Management

Hannah Goldsmith, Goldsmith Financial Solutions

Hannah Paik, Natwest Markets

Hannah Sharp, Cipher Risk

Hannah Street, St. James's Place

Hannah Wemyss, Nextwealth

Hansa Hirani, St. James's Place Wealth Management

Harriet Evans, Church House Investments

Hayley Stephens, Weycroft Financial Services

Hayley Beddow, Pensionlite

Hayley Hamer, Punter Southall Wealth

Hazel Midwood, Midwood Consulting

Hazel Mead, BSG Financial Solutions

Heather Mccutcheon, Progeny

Heather Hopkins, NextWealth

Heide Swift, Swift Mortgages

Helen Howcroft, Equanimity IFA

Helen Jones, City Mortgage Solutions

Helen Jones, iPipeline

Helen Mcsweeney, Fogwill & Jones Asset Management

Helen Morgan, Robertson Baxter

Helen O'Neill, Tatton Investment Management

Helen Shepherd, SimplyBiz

Helen Vaughan, Woburn Street Financial Planning

Helen Woods, Optasia Wealth Management

Helena Wardle, Smith & Wardle Financial Planning

Heloise Houiller-Cope, Buckingham Gate Financial Services

Henrietta Clarke, Smith & Williamson

Henrietta Oxlade, Radcliffe & Newlands

Hilary Smith, Taylor & Taylor Financial Planning

Holly Broad, AIG Life

Holly Ewing, AIG Life

Hortense Bioy, Morningstar

Ijeoma Johnson- Abugu, FBN Bank UK

Imelda Gomez, Brooks Macdonald Financial Consulting

Inez Cooper, William Russell

Irena Lykiardopoulos, Embark Group

Ita Mcmahon, Castlefield Partners

Jackie Boylan, Fedility International

Jacqueline Berry, My Care Consultant

Jacqueline Lockie, Lockie Consultants (UK)

Jacqui Beesley, Cooper Parry

Jade Grantham, Quilter Financial Planning

Jan Anderson, Chase de Vere

Jane Bransgrove, Charles Stanley & Co

Jane Bligh, Clear Cut Financial Planning

Jane Bransgrove, Charles Stanley Wealth Managers

Jane Hodges, Money Honey Financial Planning

Jane Lander-Taylor, Continuum (Financial Services)

Jane Patrick, Sylvan Financial Management

Jane Reade, The Private Office

Jane Williams, Truly Independent

Janet Comrie, CHN Financial Consultancy

Janice Laing, SimplyBiz

Janice Whitmore, Bespoke Financial Newcastle

Janine Edwards, St. James's Place Wealth Management

Jayne Fieldhouse, Bluebay Asset Management

Jayne Gibson, Insightout Financial

Jeannie Boyle, EQ Investors

Jenni Turco, Positive Wealth Creation

Jennifer Greer, Athena Mortgages

Jennifer Johnson, Ubuntu Wealth Management

Jennifer Peaty, SimplyBiz

Jennifer Cashmore, Carl Summers Financial Services

Jennifer Riches, Beckett Investment Management Group

Jennifer Stone, Chase de Vere

Jenny Whitehouse, Tilney

Jenny Williams, Beckett Financial Services

Jess Jones, Beckett Investment Management Group

Jessica Best, Mclaren Capital

Jessica Mcguigan, Critchley's Personal Financial Planning

Jessica Ayres, Timothy James & Partners

Jessica Geere, Magenta Financial Planning

Jessica Wilkinson, Hilda Project

Jessica Williamson, Medical Family Finance

Jill Ellicott, Bowmore Financial Planning

Jill Hamilton, SimplyBiz

Jill Jones, Lift-Financial Group

Jillian Thomas, Future Life Wealth Management

Jilly Mann, Telford Mann

Jo Campbell, Para-Sols

Jo Colgan, Chase de Vere

Joanne Vaughan, Robertson Baxter

Joanne Dugdale, Chartwell Financial Planners

Joanne Moss, The Private Office

Joanne O'Brien, Aviva

Joanne Stanley-Jones, Schroders Personal Wealth

Jocelyn Davis, Tilney

Jocelyn Adams, HSBC UK

Joy Roskilly, Themis Wealth Management

Joyce Oliver, Carl Summers Financial Services

Julia Dreblow, SRI Services

Julie Smith, SimplyBiz

Julie Dorling, Aviva

Julie Flynn, Bree Wealth & Tax Management

Julie Franklin, Carl Summers Financial Services

Julie Woolmer, Quilter Financial Planning

Kalila Bennett, First Mortgage

Kam Bajwa, Burlington Associates

Karen Searle, St. James'S Place Protection Planning

Karen Barrett, Unbiased

Karen Dickinson, Ubuntu Wealth Management

Karen Hagan, Four Oaks Financial Services

Karen Hubbard, Beckett Financial Services

Karen Stuart, Continuum (Financial Services)

Karla Edwards, The Protection Parent

Karthica Underwood, Timeline, Finalytiq, Betafolio

Kat Potts, Kymin Financial Services

Kate Elliot, Rathbone Greenbank Investments

Kate Birch Barry, Timeline

Kate Capocci, Smith & Williamson

Kate Pomfret, Paradigm Consulting

Kate Quarmby, Tenet Group

Kath Rabaiotti, Quilter Financial Planning

Katherine Weller, iPipeline

Kathryn Gannon, Themis Wealth Management

Kathryn Knowles, Cura Financial Services

Katie Dawes, Carl Summers Financial Services

Katie Hately, Quay Financial Planning

Katie Jackson, The Private Office

Katie Brindsen, Truly Independent

Katja Stout, Quilter Financial Planning

Katy Brown, Morrinson Wealth

Katy Forbes, Aberdeen Standard Investments

Kay Park, The Private Office

Kaye Price, KP Financial Wellbeing

Kaz Stubbington, Unique Financial Planning

Keeley Woodcock, Future Life Wealth Management

Keeley Paddon, SimplyBiz

Kellie Ellis, Eparaplan

Kelly East, Luna Financial Planning

Kelly Phillips, AIG Life

Keri Carter, Broadway Financial Planning

Kerrie Webb, Homecroft Wealth

Kerry Boyle, SimplyBiz

Kerry Nicholls, Raymond James

Kerry Nelson, Nexus IFA

Kirstie David, Zest Mortgage Brokers

Kirsty Stone, The Private Office

Kirsty Adams, Ideal Financial Solutions

Kirsty Lynagh, Nucleus Financial Group

Kirsty Wright, LV=

Komal Patel, Embark Group

Latrena Petkova, Raymond James

Laura Janes, Uniquity Marketing

Laura Jordan, Roger Pearce & Associates

Laura Dean, Balance: Wealth Planning

Laura Edwards, SimplyBiz

Laura Farrell, Adviser Assist

Laura Garry, Chase de Vere

Laura Martin, Sesame Bankhall Group

Laura Slater, Charles Stanley & Co

Laura Thursfield, Mazars Financial Planning

Laura Young, AIG Life

Lauren Hygate, AIG Life

Lauren Parry, BMO Global Asset Management

Lauren Trevarrow, Ashley Phillips

Laurence Bensafi, RBC Global Asset Management UK

Lauren Tudor, KBA FS

Lauryn Mazzilli, Balance: Wealth Planning

Leanne McCrystal, Davy UK

Leanne Penney, Nucleus Financial Group

Leanne Stancliffe, Cura Financial Services

Leone Pearce, CHN Financial Consultancy

Lesley Lee, Vitality

Liann Hill, Lifetime Assure

Linda Kozlowska, Strabens Hall

Lindsey Smith, Vitality

Lindsey Beal, James Hambro & Partners

Linsey Congdon, Verus Financial Planning

Lisa Ashcroft, Vitality

Lisa Barber, Quilter

Lisa Burke, Devine Wealth Management

Lisa Colley, Frost Wealth Management partner practice of St. James's Place Wealth Management

Lisa Jones, Mat White Financial Services

Lisa Morman, Brunsdon

Liz Beavis, Financial Management Bureau

Liz Kunzler, Raymond James

Liz Townend, Robertson Baxter

Liz Wright, Amundi

Liza Pontone, Active Chartered Financial Planners

Lizzie Sharples, Vitality

Loretta Mooney, Kellands (Hale)

Lorna Davies, Broadstone

Lorna Young, Pensionlite

Lorraine Sellwood, Eight Wealth Management

Lorraine Denton, Punter Southall Wealth

Lottie Kent, True Financial Design

Louisa Southey, Contengo

Louise Wilson, SimplyBiz

Louise Fitzgerald, Horlock Holdcroft Financial Consultants

Louise Gilbody, Oakmere Wealth Management

Louise Mclean, Maseco

Louise Parsons, Continuum (Financial Services)

Louise Thompkins, Legal & General Financial Advice

Louise Thornhill, Smith & Williamson

Lucy Allington, Handelsbanken Wealth & Asset Management

Lucy Bennett, Positive Wealth Creation

Lucy Gulwell, Charles Derby Mortgage Bureau

Lucy Kup, Nexus IFA

Lucy Mill, Praemium

Lucy Opie, Themis Wealth Management

Lyndsey Fraser, Rathbones

Lynn Street, Optasia Wealth Management

Lynne Gadsden, Grovewood Wealth Management

Madeleine Hollands, Beals Wealth Management

Makala Green, Green Wealth Planning

Makayla Everitt, SimplyBiz

Manisha Savdas, Collective Financial Planning

Maria Municchi, M&G Investments

Maria Psarra, Morrinson Wealth

Marianne Harper Gow, Baillie Gifford & Co

Marie Smith, Cooper Parry

Marilyn Watson, BlackRock

Martina Iannotti, James Hambro & Partners

Mary Hemingway, Truly Independent

Maxine Anderson, Brewin Dolphin

Maxine Morgan, Carl Summers Financial Services

Megan Rimmer, Quilter Private Client Advisers

Mel Holman, Compliance and Training Solutions

Melanie Dolphin, Hartsfield

Melanie Adams, RBC Global Asset Management

Memento Charinga, LGIM

Michaella Holden, AIG Life

Michelle Jackson, Miskimmin Wealth

Michelle Lambell, The Minster Partnership

Michelle Boakes, Verve Financial

Michelle Darracott, Smart Pension

Michelle Hoskins, Standards International

Michelle Wilson-Stimson, Eparaplan

Mira Dcosta, Medical Family Finance

Miranda Richards, Aberdeen Standard Capital

Mollie Burdge, St James's Place Protection Planning

Molly Nicholson, Mitchell Wealth Management

Molly Warren, Ewing Associates

Monica Hope, Ubuntu Wealth Management

Monika Blaszczak, Vervene Financial Services

Monique Brown, Bluebay Asset Management

My-Linh Ngo, Bluebay Asset Management

Nadine Irons, Praemium International

Naomi Greatorex, Heath Protection Solutions

Natalie Bell, The Verve Group

Natalie Hebden, Robertson Baxter

Natalie Theobald, Tavistock Private Client

Natasha O'Neil, Strategic Solutions Chartered Financial Planners

Natasha Blackmore, Essential Wealth Management

Nicki Hinton-Jones, Betafolio, Finalytiq

Nicola Day, Rathbone Greenbank Investments

Nicola Barclay, Finura

Nicola Crosbie, Moran Wealth Management

Nicola Firth, Knowledge Bank

Nicola Kavanagh, St. James's Place Wealth Management

Nicola Megaw, Embark Group

Nicola Morgan-Brownsell, LGIM

Nicola Morris, Investec Wealth And Investment

Nicola Short, HSBC UK

Nicola Tait, Progeny

Nicola Watts, Jane Smith

Nikita Kyle, West Riding Personal Financial Solutions

Nikki Coia, Nucleus Financial Group

Nikki Coverdale, The IFA PA

Nikki Pipping, Collective Financial Planning

Nishma Waite, 1825 Financial Planning

Nneka Orji, Morrinson Wealth

Noelle Cazalis, Rathbone Unit Trust Management

Olivia Bowen, Castlefield Partners

Pauline Holmes, Verus Financial Planning

Penny Smith, Sandringham Financial Partners

Polina Kurdyavko, Bluebay Asset Management

Pretti Makwana, Aretian Wealth

Qiaojia Li, Rosecut Technologies

Rachael Panteney, Willow Tree Financial Services

Rachael Madden, Precision Financial Consulting

Rachel Lowe, Quilter Financial Planning

Rachel Gu, Brewin Dolphin

Rachel Kitching, Furnley House

Rachel Riley, CJ White Mortgages

Rachel Sartin, Chase de Vere

Rachel Vahey, AJ Bell

Rachel Whittaker, Oakmere Wealth Management

Railene Waters, City Asset Management

Rebecca Stein, Charles Stanley

Rebecca Aldridge, Balance: Wealth Planning

Rebecca Davidson, Xl Finance

Rebecca Dorrian, Chase de Vere

Rebecca Filler, Close Brothers Asset Management

Rebecca Goater, Network Financial Planning

Rebecca Kowalski, Cornerstone Asset Management

Rebekah Hardacre, Lifetime Mortgages

Rhiannon Manning, Vitality UK

Rhiannon Vallis, Unique Wealth

Riona Mulherin, Paradigm Mortgage Services

Robin Quirt, Burfields House Wealth Management

Robyn Allen, Robyn Allen Solutions

Roopam Janda, Praemium International

Rosie Bullard, James Hambro & Partners

Rowan Jeffrey, Buckingham Gate Financial Services

Ruth Dolphin, Dolphin Financial

Ruth Lloyd, Carl Summers Financial Services

Ruth Slavin, Tilney

Sakshi Bhatia, Castlefield Partners

Salini Bundhoo, SPF Private Clients

Sally Beresford, Tilney

Sally Harrison, Old Mill Financial Planning

Sally Rose, Quilter Private Client Advisers

Sally Stephenson, Mazars Financial Planning

Samantha Gratton, Old Mill Financial Planning

Samantha Pocock, Raymond James

Samantha Preece, LV=

Samantha Fletcher, Legal & General Financial Advice

Samantha Haffenden-Angear, Drewberry

Samantha Mirehouse, Aviva Financial Advice

Samantha Owen, Beckett Asset Management

Samantha Pattison, Transact

Samantha Sargent, Carl Summers Financial Services

Samantha Williams, Future Life Wealth Management

Samim Mitha, CHN Financial Consultancy

Sandra Dixon-Henry, RJH Mortgage & Financial Services

Sandra Rhynes, Benchmark Capital

Sandy Pabial, Continuum (Financial Services)

Sara Branca, Collective Financial Planning

Sara Mcleish, Legal & General Financial Advice

Sara Wilson, Embark Group

Sarah Brown, Fidelium

Sarah Dougal, CHN Financial Consultancy

Sarah Windsor-Lewis, Punter Southall Wealth

Sarah Woodfield, Goddard Perry

Sarah Elson, Berry & Oak

Sarah Giles, Progeny

Sarah Goose, James Hambro & Partners

Sarah Hobbs, Buckingham Gate Financial Services

Sarah Hogan, KBA FS

Sarah Mason, The Openwork Partnership

Sarah McDonald, Mulberry House Wealth Management

Sarah Pike, Peter Harding Wealth Management

Sarah Rodway, Rodway Financial Services

Sarah Seeley, Kind Wealth

Sarah Tucker, Mortgage Mum

Sarah Waring, Quilter

Sarah Wichelow, BSG Financial Solutions

Sarra Hamizi, Rathbones Investment Management

Scarlett Musson, SimplyBiz

Seanne Beech, Lovewell Blake Financial Planning

Shalu Kara, Arbuthnot Latham

Shannon Knight, FP Wealth Management

Shannon White, Peter Harding Wealth Management

Sharon Hamilton, Chase de Vere

Sharon Purewal, Pensionlite

Shaunagh Wilson, Eparaplan

Shelby Bonham-Lloyd, Charles Stanley

Shelley Greenwood, Canada Life

Shirley Fell, Cirencester Friendly

Sian Davies-Cole, Plan-Works And The Paraplanner Club

Sioned James, Positive Wealth Creation

Sirin Erdinc, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Sofia Jones, Penny House Financial Services

Sofie Symonds, Innovia Wealth Management

Sonia Kataora, Barnett Waddingham

Sophia Adams, Carrington Wealth Management

Sophia Viscusi, Trinity Lifetime Partners

Sophie Lawrence, Rathbone Greenbank Investments

Sophie Smith, Fogwill & Jones Asset Management

Sophie Kennedy, EQ Investors

Sophie Thornhill, CHN Financial Consultancy

Stephanie Hydon, iPipeline

Stephanie Dare-Edwards, Quilter Private Client Advisers

Stephanie Dyke, Blue Fox Wealth

Stephanie Le Sueur, Lester Brunt Wealth Management

Sue Helmont, AIG Life

Sue Mcfarlane, Plus Group

Sue Stevens, Dentons Wealth

Summayya Mosam, Castlefield Partners

Susan O'Donnell, M R Financial Services

Susan Peary, True Bearing Chartered Financial Planners

Susan Porter, Key Group

Susie Foottit, Helm Godfrey

Susie Laws, Fiducia Wealth Management

Suzanne Gibson, Quilter Financial Planning

Suzanne Chadwick, Quilter Financial Planning

Taina Moran, Tilney

Tamsin Caine, Smart Divorce

Tanya Toumadj, Mortgage Broker Tools - Parobus

Terri Hall, Continuum (Financial Services)

Tina Wilson, Woburn Street Financial Planning

Tina Winter, Balance: Wealth Planning

Toni Chalmers-Smith, Tees Financial

Toni Turton, West Riding Personal Financial Services

Tracey Gloyne, Beckett Financial Services

Tracey Walker, Baillie Gifford & Co

Tracy Crookes, Quilter Private Client Advisers

Tracy Day, The Equity Release Experts

Tracy Ellis Fuller, The Equity Release Experts

Tracy Simpson, Tracy Simpson Financial Consultancy

Tracy Wood, Elite Wealth Management

Tracy Yeomans, Ryley Wealth Management

Trazer Farnese, Lovewell Blake Financial Planning

Tsitsi Mutiti, Charles Stanley

Tzvete Doncheva, The ‘Ecosystem' Project And Proptech 1

Veronica Trotter, Quilter Financial Advisers

Veronique Morel, Raymond James

Vicki Bakhshi, BMO Global Asset Management

Vicki Charles, ICENI Financial Advisers

Vicky Arrand, Vitality

Vicky Churcher, AIG

Vicky Pearce, B-Compliant

Vicky Ryan, Embark Group

Victoria Hoskins, Rathbone Greenbank Investments

Victoria Mills, Time4Advice

Victoria Myers, LGIM

Victoria Ross, Progeny

Victoria Taylor, Lester Brunt Wealth Management

Victoria Ward, Square One Wealth Management

Vivienne Abbott, Brewin Dolphin

Zanele Sibanda, Towergate Health & Protection

Zeynep Hizir, SS&C Technologies

Zoe Sharpe, Brooks Macdonald Financial Consulting

Zoe Aldridge, Mazars Financial Planning

Zoe Taylor, Lawrence Neil Wealth Management

Zoe Till, Nelsons Law

Contribution to Gender Diversity Company Award

1825 Financial Planning

Active Chartered Financial Planners

AIG Life


Aviva Financial Advice

Balance: Wealth Planning

Beckett Asset Management


BlueBay Asset Management

Boring Money Advice

Castlefield Partners

Chase de Vere


Future Life Wealth Management

Green Wealth Planning

Hilda Project

Investec Wealth and Investment


Legal & General Financial Advice

Magenta Financial Planning

Morrinson Wealth

Mortgage Mum

Natwest Markets

Nucleus Financial Group

P&P Invest

Positive Wealth Creation

Raymond James

RBC Global Asset Management

Rosewood Financial Planning



Smith & Wardle Financial Planning

Sterling Financial Services

The ‘Ecosystem' Project and PropTech 1

The Openwork Partnership

William Russell

Willowbrook St. James's Place Wealth Management