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Session 1 - The unique NS&I - Premium Bonds, Green Savings Bonds & creating a closer bond with financial advisers, NS&I

Cash is no longer a peripheral concern in the financial advice industry, but is instead considered an essential part of any financial plan. The topic of cash deposits and liquidity has become much more important since the Retail Distribution Review, the growth in the holistic financial planning model and the sustained period of uncertainty over the last decade.

This presentation considers the unique position NS&I plays in this evolving market and, more importantly, how NS&I can help you manage the cash deposits element of your clients’ portfolio.

Questions answered:
  • How does NS&I fit into holistic financial planning?
  • What are the options available?
  • How can we get easier access to information on our clients’ NS&I holdings?

You can expect to gain a solid understanding of NS&I’s background, operating framework and why they are able to offer 100% security on all funds, even above the FSCS limit.

It will also cover how their unique products fit into your clients’ financial portfolio, whilst also giving you added insight into the world of Premium Bonds.

Ever been told that only newer numbers win Premium Bonds or that you can only win if you live in the South East? Attend NS&I’s session for answers to the most common Premium Bond myths. You’ll also hear more about NS&I’s most recent product, Green Savings Bonds… a world first!

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand NS&I’s unique position in the advice market and why this is relevant to you and your client
  • To be able to distinguish Premium Bond fact from fiction, whilst also being able to describe the key benefits NS&I products can have for your clients’ financial plan
  • To find out about the Green Savings Bonds product
  • To recognise how NS&I’s new online service can benefit your firm and be able to register using our five easy steps
Head of Intermediary Relationships

Session 2 - Balancing the Blend, Orbis Investments

2022 was a difficult year in the industry – bonds didn’t diversify stocks and many multi-asset funds didn’t diversify one another. If one lesson was learnt off the back of this, it was that name diversification does not equal fundamental diversification. In this presentation, we highlight the importance of true fundamental diversification against the backdrop of the value versus growth cycle, the importance of rebalancing, and how a well-diversified, regularly rebalanced portfolio can improve outcomes in the decumulation phase.

By the end of this session, attendees will be able to:
Distinguish between name diversification and true fundamental diversification
Articulate the benefits of blending funds with different styles, including in decumulation
Explain the benefits of regular rebalancing
Investment Counsellor
Orbis Investments

Session 3 - Emperor’s New Clothes: how not to get caught in the buff, Downing Fund Managers

The investment industry wants to baffle you with complexity. Resist! Keeping your CIP simple will reduce your investment risk, save you time, cut red tape and grow your business. This session focuses on how you can win more by doing less

By the end of this session, you will be able to: 

  • Explain how unnecessary complexity can hurt your clients and your business
  • Identify and eradicate investment activity and products that could damage clients’ outcomes
  • Describe how a central investment proposition should look and act so that it meets your consumer duties
Fund Manager


Chaired by Hope William-Smith

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Session 4 - A Differentiated Approach to Sustainable Investing? Guinness Global Investors

    The Guinness Sustainable Global Equity Fund takes a differentiated approach to Sustainable Investing. Namely the Fund provides investors with exposure to high-quality, mid-cap growth companies, with attractive valuations, and sustainable products and practices. By doing so, the Fund avoids: 1) speculative growth stocks whose value is greater reliant on future growth forecasts, and 2) large cap stocks, such as Microsoft and TSMC, that the majority of ESG Funds invest in. By investing in these high-quality, mid-cap stocks and packaging these opportunities within an equally weighted Fund, the portfolio provides a very different exposure to many peers.

Portfolio Manager
Guinness Global Investors

Session 5- The Booming Advice Landscape, Tatton Investment Management

In this session Tatton will consider the fast-changing advice landscape, why it’s a great time to be an IFA and how we are adapting to the many challenges we face. We will consider the impact of regulation, value chain pressure and changing client needs, and why these combined are driving more firms to consider their options. The session will look at market segmentation and the impact of the impact of the influx of private equity funding on the shape of the distribution world and how this is impacting client outcomes. We will then review the key routes to market for those looking to plan for the future, maximise the value of a client-bank and ensure clients are well catered for post sale if this route is followed. We will conclude the session by exploring how advisers can take practical steps to simplify businesses, reduce risk and prepare for change by looking in more detail at the role of investment propositions, risk profilers and platforms in driving value in advice firms

Learning Objectives : By the end this session the delegate will be able to:

• Explore the changing advice landscape and why this is a fantastic time to be an IFA.

• Consider the environment driving more firms to consider a sale and the impact of private equity funding here. • Explain the key routes to market for firms looking to buy, build, or exit – what are the options?

• Understand how we can adopt simplification, reduce risk, and prepare for change.

• Consider how investment propositions, risk profilers and platforms can drive value in advice firms.

Sales Director
Tatton Investment Management

Session 6 -Managing investment risk in retirement, Premier Miton Investors

Using his own family history as a framework, James Pryde delves into the complexities of how long retirement will last (often measured in decades rather than years) and the impact of sequencing risk on a client's financial position and security. James will provide a timely reminder of one approach that is often overlooked and has possibly been long forgotten.

Learning objectives:

  • Describe the key considerations when seeking to fund a retirement that could span decades rather than years.
  • Explain what sequence of return risk is and how it’s affects can be managed.
  • Outline the benefits of Natural Income as part of a range of retirement solutions.
Business Development Consultant
Premier Miton Investors


Chaired by Hope William-Smith

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