Professional Adviser 360 Conference

The Brewery, 7th October 2021

The past 18 months have been some of the most tumultuous of recent years. With the coronavirus pandemic ushering in a new world, advisers have had to adapt to survive, moulding their business and managing their clients through a time of increasing uncertainty.

Now with a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of widespread vaccinations across the world, it is time for advice firms to begin to build back better.From addressing the soft skills gap in the profession, the burgeoning importance of understanding ESG, the rise in the individual retail investor, the implication of Brexit on London’s leadership in financial services and the need for retirement pots to last just that little bit longer, this years’ PA360 conference will be addressing the most important issues facing advisers today.

We’ll also take a look back at some of the successes of the pandemic; the lessons learned and applied as well as the opportunities this period of huge economic uncertainty has presented.

With over 40 speakers covering issues from technology, ESG, regulation and compliance to business management, establishing your brand and tackling financial wellbeing, PA360 will bring together a host of experts who will offer their thought leadership on how best to meet the challenges of a post-Covid-19 world.

Join us this October at The Brewery in London.

As standard with Professional Adviser events, PA360 carries up to 7 Hours of accredited CPD over the whole conference. To find out how to ensure that your business is best prepared for a post Covid-19 world, join us at PA360 Conference this October.

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Chairman's introduction and welcome

Tom Ellis, Editor, Professional Adviser

Welcome from headline sponsor

Aston Goodey, Wealth Distribution Director, Canada Life

Opening keynote

Tom Ellis, Editor, Professional Adviser

The power of the people: Next generation

At the beginning of this year, a remarkable short squeeze of the stock of US video game retailer GameStop along with other securities caused massive financial consequence for hedge funds and short sellers. Younger investors banded together via online forum site Reddit and used their collective power to cause widespread disruption to the stock market status quo. 2.3 million UK consumers also now hold crypto assets and 74% of users are aged 25-44. With a new generation of less risk-averse and inexperienced individual retail investors should financial advisers be worried, should they build a new client base and where does this fit with intergenerational wealth planning?

Gillian Hepburn, Intermediary Solutions Director, Schroders

Panel discussion: Understanding ESG

Recent research by FE fundinfo has shown that 73% of advisers are investing clients’ money in ESG fund propositions. Unsurprisingly, this is only forecast to grow over the next five years, with a whopping 76% believing their clients will have more than a quarter of their portfolios invested in ESG funds. How can advisers ensure the complexities of responsible investing are clearly explained to clients, what due diligence on funds needs to be done to avoid greenwashing, and with the news that 69% of DFMs are now claiming to be clued up on investing responsibly, what are the benefits (and drawbacks!) of using a DFM?

Jake Moeller, Senior Investment Consultant, Square Mile Research
Peter Rawlence, Research Analyst, Thematic Enquiries, Pictet Asset Management
Peter Toogood, CIO, Embark Group

Chair: Tom Ellis, Editor, Professional Adviser

Refreshments and networking break in exhibition hub

Stream Chair: Lee Robertson, CEO, Octo Members Group 

Uncovering your clients’ long-term thinking

You spend your lives living in your clients’ world’s, fixing problems they may not even yet know about and setting them up for their long-term future. Yet wouldn’t you love to know what is really going on behind their nodding heads and smiles? Imagine knowing the science that makes them say yes or no, that brings them to the table or turns them away, so you could do even more. Canada Life is working with psychologist and specialist in customer behaviour, Dr Simon Moore to extend our understanding of long-term thinking. He’s looking at our research with customers, advisers, pension trustees, investment managers and to lift the lid on what is behind people’s long-term behaviours and decisions. And we’re inviting you to explore, problem solve and be inspired with us at PA360. We will show how research is already showing that there’s broad consensus on how long long-term really is; that our families play a huge role in our long-term priorities; and that there’s much debate around whether the ability to think long-term is instinctive or learned. But what does this mean for you, their expert guides? Join us as Simon takes you on a journey through the world you live everyday. He’ll help you understand the science behind how you are interacting with clients and hopefully will prompt some new thinking along the way. He’s even promising to help us all learn a little more about ourselves.

Lara Bealing, Director of Marketing, Canada Life
Simon Moore, Chartered Psychologist and Managing Partner, Innovationbubble

Expect emerging market assets to shine

The opportunity set in emerging markets is vast and complex. An emerging markets multi asset fund offers investors exposure to emerging market growth opportunities without the complexity of choosing how, when and where to best allocate within emerging markets.

Shaniel Ramjee, Senior Investment Manager, Multi Asset, Pictet Asset Management

Panel discussion: Retirement planning

The pandemic has seen clients become increasingly concerned about their future income in retirement, with many close to retirement age becoming far more conscious of their pension pot and its performance. How can advisers help clients best navigate the disruption, what are the best options for drawdown and where are the strongest product innovations in this space?

Kay Ingram, Principal, Ingram Insights
Martin Lines, Development and Events Director, JUST
Fiona Tait, Technical Director, Intelligent Pensions

Chair: Lee Robertson, CEO, Octo Members Group

Lunch and networking break in exhibition hub
Financial wellbeing, is it more about mindset than money?

With a clear mission to help people ‘achieve a lifetime of financial security’, Aegon has for the first time assessed the role of mindset in financial wellbeing and launched the Financial Wellbeing Index. Financial wellbeing is an increasingly ‘hot’ topic, but it’s usually talked about in very narrow terms. During our session Andy Manson, Chief Marketing Officer, will discuss the intrinsic link between advice and financial wellbeing, sharing our key findings from our research – the money and mindset building blocks and encouragements you can use with your clients. Andy will also look at the impact the pandemic has had on how people feel about their future and financial stability, and the important role advice plays to help them create financial plans which will make them happier, not just wealthier.

Andy Manson, Chief Marketing Officer, Aegon

Is the 60/40 portfolio still fit for purpose?

After more than a decade of supernormal returns from traditional asset classes, we are now arguably in an environment where traditional asset class correlations are relatively high, and future returns potentially low(er). Are 60/40 portfolios still fit for purpose, or do they need to evolve to remain relevant?

David Aujla, Multi Asset Deputy Fund Manager, Invesco

Panel discussion: Platforms
  • Doing your due diligence
  • Navigating an increasingly tumultuous market
  • Ensuring efficiency and streamlining re-platforming

Sam Handfield-Jones, Co-CEO, Seccl
Verona Kenny, Managing Director, Intermediary, 7IM
Adam Prestwood, Operations Director, P1 Investments

Chair: Natalie Holt, Content Editor, the lang cat

Stream Chair: Cherry Reynard, Financial Journalist

Personal brand

As an advice firm your brand can often be intertwined with yourself as an adviser. This is especially the case if you are a small operation or a one man band, in which case the need to promote yourself and your business is paramount to onboarding new clients. Hear from David Macdonald who has built a highly differentiated brand focussing on a very tight niche in the market. David will walk you through his personal journey and share how a sense of purpose led him to create a new brand in what was a largely untried vertical. The Path Financial is a highly visible brand with a very clear ethos which attracts ideal clients through digital channels. In under 2 years the business has grown from an unproven concept to 20 staff with 7 advisers. The session will be packed with useful take-aways and branding insights from David’s 30+ years of experience in financial services.

David MacDonald, Founder, Path Financial

A New Era of retirement advice?

There is no doubt that retirement income has become a hot topic of conversation amongst clients, firms and the regulator. We have certainly seen a lot of focus on defined benefit advice over recent months. However, there is no doubt that many of the principles outlined in recent guidance should be part of any retirement advice framework. At the same time, we need to think about what all of this means in the real world taking into account consumer behaviour and understanding. The role of the adviser is to consider all of these factors and translate them into better outcomes for all clients. In this session, Just will review the current regulatory factors and how they impact on the future of retirement planning. They will also look at ways of meeting real consumer aspirations and show that by putting the client at the heart of the process, the regulatory and business needs can also be met. By attending this session, you will be able to:

  • Review the key regulatory principles around retirement income advice
  • Discuss the key steps to good client outcomes in retirement
  • Recognise the dual client and firm benefits of a robust advice process

Martin Lines, Development and Events Director, JUST

Panel discussion: Managing your tech needs

The last 18 months have seen a total overhaul of systems and technologies at almost every adviser firm across the UK. As an adviser, technology allowed us to maintain some semblance of face-to-face interaction (or at least screen-to-screen) with clients with the onboarding process for new clients also becoming a far easier process. With this advent of new and existing tech to navigate going forward, how can advisers be sure that they are meeting the technology needs expected of a modern advice firm and what can we do to ensure that the tech complements your business?

Felicia Meyerowitz Singh, Co-Founder and CEO, Akoni Hub
Uday Nimmakayala, CEO, AdviceObjects
Karim Rashwan, Managing Director, AdvisorStream

Chair: Ian McKenna, Director, FTRC

Lunch and networking break in exhibition hub
Panel: Investment outsourcing

Investment outsourcing has become central to adviser businesses in recent years as they look to provide good value and compliant solutions that can save them time to do what they do best: create financial plans for clients and help them through key life stages. Whether this comes in the form of multi-asset solutions, the use of discretionary managers or model portfolios: investment outsourcing is here to stay.

Chris Jones, Proposition Director, Dynamic Planner
Chris Justham, Head of London and South East Intermediary, 7IM
Sean Osborne, Group Head of Sales, Charles Stanley
Chair: Cherry Reynard, Financial Journalist

Why tax-efficient investing is more important than ever following Covid-19

Tax-efficient investing is a key consideration for many advisers wanting to add value to clients and help them be as tax efficient as possible. With tax thresholds frozen until 2026 and as house prices rise and the number of millionaires in the country increases, more clients might find themselves needing your help to make the most of available tax reliefs. Join us in this session as we consider the how you can help clients with estate planning needs in particular, as well as how higher earning younger clients could benefit from a conversation about VCTs or EIS.

Nick Bird, Executive Business Growth Manager, Octopus Investments

Tackling longevity risk

Developing new modelling for income in retirement strategies, to widen out the probabilities of retirement pots lasting.

Philip Boyle, Partner, LCP
Dan Mikulskis, Investment Partner, LCP

Stream Chair: Katrina Lloyd, Editor-in-Chief, Investment Week, Professional Adviser & COVER

MiFID in a muddle

The advent of so-called ‘sustainability preferences’ in EU legislation is causing considerable uncertainty in the industry. With the UK proposing to ‘match the ambition’ of the Commission’s proposals on sustainable finance, we will be taking a look at what is in store for continental and domestic IFAs.

Philip Spyropoulos, Partner, Eversheds Sutherland (International) LLP

SM&CR – where are we now?

In this session, Mark Greenwood, SimplyBiz Director of Compliance Services, will be celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the Senior Managers & Certification Regime by exploring its key areas and requirements. He’ll also be taking a deep dive into The Directory, and providing plenty of practical examples for firms to stay on top of the SM&CR.

Mark Greenwood, Director of Compliance Services, SimplyBiz

A commitment to sustainable finance

Financial firms are increasingly expected to explain the wider public interest impact of their activities as well as their own exposure to sustainability risks. With the rise in prominence of ESG principles and net zero commitments, how will this agenda develop in the future and what should firms to do to prepare?

Kate Levick, Associate Director, E3G

Lunch and networking break in exhibition hub
An update from the PFS

The PFS gives an update on the past year and looking forward to 2022.

Sarah Lord, President, Personal Finance Society

Panel discussion: This is not an exit

How do you go about exit-planning? Selling up or moving out? Between 15-1600 advisers exiting the industry in the next few years. What will their exit options be? Is better education needed on what this looks like? How can we retire but know the industry is safe in the hands of the next generation?

John Chapman, Managing Director, Orion Consulting Group Limited
Keith Hare, Corporate Development Director, Benchmark Capital
Toby Owen-Browne, Founding Director and Financial Planner, Finura

Chair: Katrina Lloyd, Editor-in-Chief, Investment Week, Professional Adviser & COVER


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Refreshments and networking break
Jab and weave: the outlook for investors

As we embark on yet another winter with COVID-19, how will we fare this time around following the largest vaccine rollout in history? And whilst the pandemic may continue to dominate our thoughts, dare we avert our gaze from Brexit? How do the UK's prospects look now that the dust has settled on the withdrawal bill? To find out, join Justin and James for a special Multi-Asset Unfiltered Live session, where they will tackle these era-defining issues and the investment implications for financial advisers.

Justin Onuekwusi, Fund Manager, Head of Retail Multi-Asset Funds, Legal & General Investment Management
James Carrick, Global Economist, Legal & General Investment Management

Panel discussion: Getting back to basics post-Covid

Best practice, lessons learned, opportunities, what should we be looking at next?

Darren Cooke, Chartered Financial Planner, Red Circle Financial Planning
Natalie Kempster, Independent Financial Adviser, Compass Wealth Management Consultants

Chair: Heather Hopkins, Managing Director and Founder, NextWealth

Closing keynote

Robert Peston, Business & Political Journalist

Chairman's closing remarks

Tom Ellis, Editor, Professional Adviser

Conference closes


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