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Welcome & Introduction
Professional Adviser
Keynote Address - Multi-Asset 360

What are the latest developments in multi-asset investing? From stockmarket dynamics through to the growing MPS options, this session will act as a scenesetter for the roadshow. Last year was again dominated by mega-cap technology stocks, but bubbling beneath the surface, other aspects at play will be brought to light. Fees and trends in multi-asset will be revealed, as will the shape of Morningstar’s MPS database containing over 1000 managed portfolios.

Head of Manager Research
Session 1, Investment Outlook 2024 - Morningstar Wealth

Members from across the 400+ strong Research and Investment Team have come together to design an outlook to help your clients confidently face the ups and downs of investment markets; in doing so preventing them making decisions which could have long lasting consequences on their ability to reach their goals. As January unfolds, we’ll address the current and provide lots of talking points as you engage your clients in early 2024.

Senior Portfolio Manager
Morningstar Wealth

Session 2,The big risk brewing in your CIP - Downing LLP

The investment landscape is becoming more herd-like and concentrated than ever before. This session focuses on the domination and impact a small handful of mega-cap businesses are having on multi asset portfolios and how advisers can help protect their clients against this risk.

By the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • Be aware of the risk posed by concentration to a CIP
  • Understand how the longer an investment trend endures and the larger it grows, the more your client’s exposure can become within a CIP
  • Explain how diversification across different market-caps can reduce risk
  • Describe how a mix of active and passive exposure can benefit both you and clients in terms of both risk and reward
Fund Manager
Downing LLP

Q&A with Morningstar Wealth and Downing LLP

chaired by Hope Coumbe

Networking Break
Session 3,The essential ingredients to multi-asset investing - Bordier

What are the essentials on today’s multi-asset shopping list? In an ever changing and more complex world, what flexibility and what levers are required to help steer investors away from the many threats modern society throws at them, whilst still being able to benefit from the fast paced evolution that we are all experiencing? Can we rely on our previous shopping habits to provide a good outcome or due to the various disruptors, is it time to think about a different way to shop?

By the end of this session, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the key considerations in strategic and tactical asset allocation
  • Understand the importance of alternative asset classes within a diversified portfolio
  • Explain why dynamic and active asset allocation decisions must be combined with ‘bottom-up’ considerations
  • Explain how a multi-asset portfolio can be flexed accordingly to a changing environment
Investment Director
Bordier UK

Session 4, The 3D Reset - Schroders
Three key trends are reshaping our economies and societies: deglobalisation, decarbonisation and demographics. This "3D Reset" is expected to maintain inflationary pressure over the coming years, bringing higher borrowing costs and greater volatility in its wake. But as central banks, businesses and consumers adjust to these shifts, investors who understand their implications can adapt their approaches to fit this new environment.
By the end of this session, delegates will be able to:
  • Understand what deglobalisation, decarbonisation and demographics changes are.
  • Explain the macroeconomic implications of these.
  • Assess the investment implications that may arise.
Head of UK Multi-Asset

Session 5, Sunrise on Venus - Orbis

On Venus, each day stretches for nearly four months. With days so long, it’s easy to imagine growing used to day or night, rather than thinking of the next sunset. We’ve been through something similar in the investing world. A decade of low interest rates has left investors concentrated in expensive parts of markets. With valuations where they are, that makes the coming sunset risky. The force turning Venus is higher inflation, which changes everything in markets. Investors can prepare for sunrise by getting actually diversified, across economic exposures and styles within equities. Fortunately, many diversifying assets also trade at attractive valuations.

By the end of this session, delegates will be able to:

  • Explain the long-term forces contributing to higher inflation
  • Understand how inflation affects multi-asset portfolios and inflation-resilient assets
  • Articulate the concentrations that have emerged in stockmarkets
Investment Counsellor
Orbis Investment

Q&A with Bordier, Schroders & Orbis

chaired by Hope Coumbe

Lunch and Networking

Bristol Venue

Leigh Court

Leigh Court Business Centre, Pill Rd, Abbots Leigh, Bristol BS8 3RA

There is free parking at Leigh Court.


Getting to Leigh Court Leigh Court is located on the outskirts of Bristol, just outside the village of Abbots Leigh. Getting to and from Leigh Court couldn’t be easier; it is just 15-minutes to Bristol city centre with easy access to the M4 and M5, and only a short hop across the suspension bridge to Clifton village. There is free car parking, electric vehicle charging and bike racks at Leigh Court. 

Travelling By Car- We have a large car park available for visitors and two electric car charging points.

Travelling By Bike-  We’re on the National Cycle Network route 41 and we have cycle parking for up to 20 bikes. We also have showers available, a cycle repair toolkit and spares, cycle covers, and maps of local cycle routes.