Incisive Media and Professional Adviser are committed to the journey in becoming more sustainable. By using the guidelines set out by the Sustainable Event Alliance, we aim to meet the International Standard ISO 20121. The goal is to reduce paper consumption across events and improve recycling rates, curb food waste and alter menus with an aim to include locally sourced, organic produce. We have also committed to deliver carbon offsetting at events wherever possible and provide delegates with accessible venues.

We will be closely evaluating each event and considering how we can improve in the following areas; energy, transport, water usage, recycling, economic and local environment/community.


Carbon Offsetting
Incisive Media have partnered with Ecosphere+ to ensure all our remaining greenhouse gas emissions are offset. Working with Ecosphere+, we calculate the emissions from all our events, including those from event operations, venues and delegates. We then purchase the equivalent number of carbon offset credits to counter-act our activities. These credits are supporting the protection of vital rainforest in Peru, by funding conservation work and creating sustainable sources of income for locals to minimise incentives for deforestation.

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The Event

  • There will be no single use plastics
  • All still water will be provided in jugs to reduce the use of glass bottles 
  • All printed programmes will be reduced to an A5 flyer to minimise the use of paper and printing
  • All fish/seafood is sustainably sourced
  • All tea provided is local from Taylor’s of Harrogate

The Venue

  • All eggs used are free-range 
  • Any left-over food is supplied to the staff to avoid any waste
  • Any fish used is sourced from the east coast, from supplies that adhere to sustainable guidelines
  • Any let over food is reused for staff meals, plate waste goes to a food waste recycling plant
  • Serve local draft beers to reduce the amount of glass bottles
  • Use LED lighting throughout the building
  • Offer cycle spaces
  • Recycle all paper, cardboard, metal, glass and bio 


The Event

  • There will be no single use plastics at the event
  • All still water will be provided in jugs instead of bottles
  • All printed programmes will be reduced to an A5 flyer to minimise the use of paper and printing
  • All fish has been sustainable sourced

The Venue - The Mere Gold Resort and Spa

  • Any meat served is organic
  • Any eggs used in products are organic
  • Any food waste is recycled into reusable energy
  • Offer draft beer to reduce the use of bottles
  • Use energy saving light bulbs with a green energy supplier
  • Recycle all materials, including paper/cardboard, metal, plastics and glass 


The Event

  • There will be no single-use plastics
  • All still water will be provided in jugs instead of bottles
  • All printed programmes will be reduced to an A5 flyer to minimise the use of paper and printing

The Venue - Forest of Arden Marriott Hotel & Country Club

  • Recycle all materials including paper/cardboard, metal, plastics and glass
  • Provide electric vehicle charging bays
  • Encourage walking through the nearby nature trail
  • Use energy efficient lighting, such as LED
  • Their usage of chemicals is partnered with Ecolab, meaning that most of their chemicals are free dispensing and have dosing systems to make sure that the correct dosage is always used with minimal waste


The Event

  • All meat is responsibly and locally sourced
  • 80% of vegetables are grown locally at a farm in Cam and therefore seasonal
  • All fruit is seasonal and locally produced
  • No single-use plastics will be used
  • All printed programmes will be reduced to an A5 flyer to minimise the use of paper and printing

The Venue - Leigh Court

  • Hold an ISO14001 accreditation certificate and a Quality & Sustainability policy in place
  • Partners with Bristol Green Capital Partnership;
  • Use LED lighting
  • Use SSE Green for Business Tariff as their green energy supplier
  • Offer cycling spaces for guests
  • Provide links to Travel West journey planner on their website, loan out bikes and electric bikes and offer electric car charging points to encourage green transportation
  • They provide a bicycle tool kit, walking maps of the local woodland and preferential car parking spaces for car sharing
  • Milk is provided in glass milk bottles instead of cartons to reduce single-use plastics
  • All materials; paper, plastic, metal, glass, cardboard, office furniture, IT equipment, electrical items and all metals are recycled
  • They are off mains sewerage, and have a sewage treatment plant, so all of our chemicals must be compatible with Anerobic biodigestion, therefore less harmful to the environment


The Event

  • The water is filtered on site and decanted into reusable bottles
  • We will reduce our printing to A5 flyers to save on paper waste
  • There will be no single use plastics
  • All food waste is collected and recycled to renewable energy and bio-fuel
  • All fish/seafood is sustainably sourced
  • The teas supplied are Rainforest Alliance certified
  • All coffee is Fairtrade and sourced from local, London suppliers
  • 98% of the lighting is LED energy efficient
  • All paper, cardboard, metal, plastics, glass, natural cork, food waste and wood will be recycled or appropriately disposed of

The Venue - Simpson's in the Strand

  • Committed to Accor’s Planet21 sustainability programme and policies: /
  • The Savoy has a Gold Level Award for Planet21, further details:
  • The Savoy has a 5 star Green Key Global Eco Rating certificate
  • Have plant for the Planet certificates from PurProject
  • They are a member of Considerate Group
  • The Savoy’s Kaspar’s Restaurant is a member of The Sustainable Restaurant Association
  • They have an on-site table water bottling plant, with reusable glass bottles as an alternative to single use glass bottles
  • Their green energy contract meet’s EON’s interpretation of the WRI GHG Protocol Scope 2 Guidance from renewable wind sources with zero carbon emissions
  • They have a combined heat and power plant reducing our reliance on the electric-grid; Building Management System controls plant energy demand alongside smart-metering for tracking and monitoring 24hrs every 30 mins. The hotel reclaims lost heat from our refrigeration units and uses it to pre-heat our domestic hot water. All guest rooms have a centrally controlled occupancy status sensor to allow for controlling air-conditioning, temperature thermostat and lighting
  • They offer bicycles as an alternative form of transport
  • Only use eco-certified cleaning products – EU Flower and Nordic Swan labelled