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How to deliver a resilient and sustainable long-term income stream?

This is the question we ask ourselves at Baillie Gifford when thinking about income solutions for our clients. We know how important it is to rely on that income stream over many years. Therefore, we prioritise long-term sustainable income over high short-term yields. We recognised how important capital preservation is in that equation – tomorrow’s capital provides tomorrow’s income. And we seek ways to protect that income stream from material declines – we focus on income resilience. The Multi Asset Income fund provides a simple solution to address clients’ future income needs.

Paul Roberts, Client Service Manager, Baillie Gifford

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First State Diversified Growth Fund

Fixed allocations to equity and bonds leave investors at the mercy of global markets dynamics where the role of luck tends to be underestimated; especially in the short term. In a continually changing political and economic environment where the amount of global debt is at an all-time high, what happens if interest rates and borrowing costs increase? If equities catch a cold, are sovereign bonds going to provide the cough medicine?

Andrew Harman, Senior Portfolio Manager First State Investments

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