2023 Nominees

´╗┐Congratulations to all of our 2023 nominees!

If your name is on the list below, you will receive further communication about the next steps.

If you haven't received this email, please contact us.

Individual Nominees (A-J)

Abbie Lewis - Continuum (Financial Services) LLP

Abi Robinson - The Yardstick Agency

Abigail Denman - Rosewood Wealth Management

Abigail Banks - The Private Office

Abika Martin - LGT Wealth Management UK LLP

Adrienn Kingsley - St. James's Place Protection Planning

Aida Feriz - Wimmer Family Office

Aimee Atkinson - Morrinson Wealth

Alannah Kinsella - Progeny

Aleksandra Sasin - Navigatus

Alfie Kalinowski - eParaplan Connect

Alibar Crosthwaite - Trinity Lifetime Partners

Alice Baker - Morgan Williams & Co

Alice Conway - Philip James Financial Services Ltd

Alice Bawden - Plus Group

Alison Mollard - AJ Bell

Alison Baglow - Allisons Financial Planning

Alison Robb - Coutts

Alison Neale - Principle Paraplanning Ltd

Alison King - Succession Wealth

Alison Voice - Succession Wealth

Alison Nevile - TMFP LLP

Alison Welsh - Tweed Wealth Management

Allyson Hopkins - Magenta Financial Planning

Amanda Kanesarajah - Brewin Dolphin

Amanda O'Leary - Quilter

Amanda Paget - Ablestoke Financial Planning LLP

Amira Norris - Novia Financial

Amy MacKinnon - Benchmark Financial Planning

Amy Lewis - CD Financial LTD

Amy Goodall - Smith - Goodall-Smith Wealth Management LTD

Amy Potter - L&C

Amy Loxton - LifeQuote

Amy Bell - Mazars Financial Planning Ltd

Amy Collins - Oakmere Wealth Management

Amy Collins - Oakmere Wealth Management Ltd

Amy Frost - Pocock Rutherford & Co Ltd

Amy Schofield - Progeny

Amy Whittingham - St James Protection Planning

Amy Lowe - The Yardstick Agency

Anastasia Georgiou - Morningstar

Andrea Davis - Integrity365

Andrea Webster - Quilter

Andrea Solana - MASECO

Andrea Sparks - Succession Wealth

Andy Brown - Octo Members Group Ltd

Angela McAfee - Continuum (Financial Services) LLP

Angela Davy-Makwana - Quilter

Anita Raaj - Sterling Financial Services

Anna Jollans - Cavendish Ware

Anna Wirszycz - Coutts

Anna Jones - Progeny

Anna Bowes - Savings Champion

Anne Preston - Stan Sherlock Associates

Anne Marie Atkins - Evelyn Partners

Annette Hunter - Stan Sherlock Associates Ltd

Annette Kinsman - Succession Advisory Services

Annette Hender - TMFP LLP

Annie Stacey - Raymond James Investment Services

April Hartley - L&C

April Leeson - The Private Office

Arabella Henman - Vermeer Partners

Arianna Beech - SJP

Ashleigh Harrison - Succession Wealth

Audrey Wheatcroft - 3D Financial Planning

Axinya Smith - Saltus

Beccy Brooks - KBA The Financial Planning Company

Becky Springford - Model Financial Solutions Limited

Becky Lea - Abacus Associates

Bethany Barton - Morrinson Wealth

Bev Tyrell - Mathews Comfort

Bina Dayaram - Bina Dayaram Wealth Management

Brenda Santimano - HFL Advisory Services Ltd

Bronia Widdows - Broadstone Financial Solutions Ltd

Bronwyn Pettitt - AAG Wealth Managment

Cailin Lehmann - Chase de Vere

Camilla Hoskisson - AIG

Camilla Brewis - Beewise FS Ltd

Cara Lambert - Tees Financial Ltd

Carla Brown - Oakmere Wealth Management Ltd

Carly Gibb - PMS

Carmen Jones - Progeny Wealth

Carole McMahon - Compliance and Training Solutions Ltd

Carole Mott - M&G

Caroline Gow - Advanta Wealth Ltd

Caroline Basden - Aviva

Caroline Hawkesley - Progeny

Caroline Stuart - Sparrow Paraplanning

Caroline Gregory - Succession Wealth

Caroline Stone - TMFP LLP

Caroline Wilson - Partners&

Carolyne Russell - Advanta Wealth

Carys Hopkins - Advanta Wealth Ltd

Cassia Evans - Investec Wealth & Investment

Cassy Lewis - Heron House Financial Management Ltd

Cate Mason - Partners&

Catherine Thirlaway - Alpha FMC

Catherine Glennon - Evelyn Partners

Catherine Pappoe - GSI Wealth Management

Catherine Simmonds - Mentmore Financial Planning

Catherine Thomas-Humphreys - The Finfluencer

Catriona Smith - Chase de Vere

Ceri Griffiths - Willow Brook Lifestyle Financial Planning

Charlotte Walters - Avail Financial Planning

Charlotte Rush - Burfields House Wealth Management Ltd

Charlotte Woodward - EdenTree Investment Management

Charlotte Hughes - Morrinson Wealth

Charlotte Thomas - Progeny

Charlotte Hughes - Quilter

Charlotte Turner - Succession Wealth

Chelsea Coombes - de Mellow & Co Wealth Management

Cherie-Anne Baxter - Unividual

Cherise Tsang - Unividual

Cheryl McGee - RBC Brewin Dolphin

Chloe Behen - Niche

Chloe Abrahamowicz - Succession Wealth

Chloe Shepherd - Talbot and Muir

Chris Baigent-Reed - Jigsaw Tree Limited

Christie Tillett - The Private Office

Christine Newell - Paradigm

Christine Tarran - Seven Stages Ltd

Christy Park - 7im

Claire Barker - Brooks Macdonald

Claire Dentith - CD Financial LTD

Claire Brooks - clarity

Claire Philips - First Wealth

Claire Wilson - IP Wealth Management Ltd

Claire Westbrook - Schroders Personal Wealth

Claire Harlow - TMFP LLP

Claire Stockwell - Kingswood Group

Clare Delaney - NextGen Planners

Clare Farrell - Northfield Wealth Limited

Clare Dale - Plus Group

Clare McCarthy - The Private Office

Clare Franklin - Time4Advice

Clare Moffat - Royal London

Coreena Dutton - Integrity365

Corrine Gibbons - Quilter

Cynthia Poole - Raymond James

Dani Shaffery - Finura

Danielle Watts-Jones - DWJ Wealth Management ltd

Danielle Rowson - First Wealth

Danielle Edwards - Plus Group

Danielle Taylor - Woburn Street Financial Planning Ltd

Davinia Tomlinson - Rainchq

Debbie Connolly - AAB Wealth UK Ltd

Debbie Mitchell - Atholl Scott Financial Services

Debbie Packer - Integrity365

Debbie Pitman - Navigatus

Dee Hyde - Niche

Denise Moxon - Plus Group

Denitsa Minkova - St James' Place

Dimpel Patel - RBC Brewin Dolphin

Dina Rana - CJ White Group Limited

Dominique Vinecombe - Kingswood Group

Donna Hiscock - Philip James Financial Services Ltd

Donna Robertson - Rosewood Wealth Management

Donna Buffham - The Private Office

Doris Coliey - Miskimmin Wealth Limited

Eden Scrivenger - Novia Financial PLC

Eleanor Jordan - Meriden Financial Planning Limited

Elise Chester - Succession Wealth

Elizabeth Hastings - Chase de Vere

Elizabeth Sheeran - CHN Financial consultancy

Elizabeth Barry - Fiducia Wealth Management Ltd

Elizabeth Evans - Heron House Financial Management Ltd

Ella Davies - Ella Rose Financial

Elle Cooper - Berkeley Financial Partners Ltd

Ellie Jarvis - The Private Office

Ellie Challacombe - The Yardstick Agency

Ellie Barden - Trinity Lifetime Partners

Ellie Tembras - Zippen

Ellie Palmer - Allenby & Todd Ltd

Elly Dowding - ESG Accord

Eloise Freeman - Direct Life

Elysia Walsh - KBA The Financial Planning Company

Emily Wassell - eParaplan Connect

Emily Corck - Mathews Comfort Financial Services

Emily Stonehill - Model Financial Solutions Limited

Emily Rhodes - Pointers Financial

Emma Dickinson - Burfields House Wealth Management Ltd

Emma McNally - Chase de Vere

Emma Fielding - First Wealth

Emma Jackson - Integrity365

Emma Bell - KBA The Financial Planning Company

Emma Davis - Peter Harding wealth management

Emma Reid - Phil Anderson Financial Services Ltd.

Emma Thomson - Sesame Bankhall Group

Emma Vaughan - SimplyBiz Services Ltd

Emma Mayo - St James Protection Planning

Emma Fisk - Tees Financial Ltd

Emma Moore - The Yardstick Agency

Emma Cherrington - Active Chartered Financial Planners

Emma Napier - Bravura

Emma Peck - Emma Peck Wealth management

Emma Fisk - Tees Financial

Erin Fidler - Plus Group

Farhat Hanif - David James Wealth Ltd

Faye Brightmore - Mathews Comfort Financial Services

Fiona Allan - John Charcol

Fliss Wallace - Seymour Financial

Flora Stamato - Flora Stamato Limited

Frances Wigfield - Succession Wealth

Francesca Smith - Jarrovian Wealth

Frederika Clay - Benchmark Financial Planning

Freya Wiggin - Willis Towers Watson

Gaynor Young - Quilter

Gemma Knight - Compliance and Training Solutions Ltd

Gemma Cosgrove - Coutts

Gemma Stark - Direct Life

Gemma Lewars - St. James's Place

Georgia Sullivan - Attivo Financial Services Ltd

Georgia Ball - Haven Global Strategies Limited

Georgia Hall - Matthew Douglas Limited

Georgia Flanagan - Novia Financial

Georgia Martin - Trinity Lifetime Partners

Georgie Atkinson - Partners&

Georgina Stone - OCM Wealth Management

Georgina Fry - Saunderson House

Georgina Bennett - Succession Wealth

Georgina Maiden - Direct Life

Georgina Elliott - Trinity Lifetime Partners

Ghillian Willmott - Succession Wealth

Giedre Azukaite - Mathews Comfort

Gill Lakin - Brompton Asset Management Ltd

Gillian Piggot - Advanta Wealth

Gillian Shirt - Robertson Baxter

Gillian Hepburn - Schroders

Gillian Brown - Succession Wealth

Grace Whalley - The Private Office

Gretchen Betts - Magenta Financial Planning

Haidy McGregor - Navigatus

Hana Griffin - Cavendish Ware

Hannah Owen - Astute Investment Management Ltd.

Hannah Brookes - Charles Stanley

Hannah Wynick - Core Financial Paraplanning Limited

Hannah Chisanga - Finura

Hannah Needham - KBA The Financial Planning Company

Hannah Street - St. James's Place

Hannah Stiener - St. James's Place Wealth Management

Hannah Marsh - The Private Office

Hannah Edwards - Eva Capital Management

Hannah Wemyss - Next Wealth

Hannah Riley - Succession Wealth

Harmesh Dhaliwal - Succession Wealth

Hayley Beddow - Pensionlite Ltd

Hayley Kneath - SLD Wealth

Hayley Burns - Succession Wealth

Hayley Rabbets - The Verve Foundation

Hazel Doherty - John Doherty IFS

Hazel Scarf - Succession Wealth

Heather Hopkins - NextWealth

Heidi Tresadern - Benchmark Financial Planning

Helen Isherwood - Continuum (Financial Services) LLP

Helen Howcroft - Equanimity IFA

Helen Roberts - LUNA Financial Planning Ltd

Helen Morgan - Robertson Baxter Limited

Helen Ross - TMPF LLP

Helen VAUGHAN - Woburn Street Financial Planning

Helen Drew - Heron House Financial Management Ltd

Helen O'Neill - Tatton Investment Management

Helena Wardle - Smith & Wardle Financial Planning

Henrietta Oxlade - Radcliffe & Newlands

Hester Harris - Saltus

Heta Mehta - Quilter

Hilary Carden - Cardens Limited

Hollie Cale - The Mortgage Cube

Holly Moody - Goodmans Financial Planning Ltd

Humaira Chowdhury - First Wealth

Imelda Gomez - Brooks Macdonald

Indira Walters - Plus Group

Isabella Streames - Velvet Mortgage & Insure Services

Isabelle Featherstone - Finura

Jaci Knowles - The Private Office

Jacqueline Lockie - Lockie Consultants (UK) Ltd

Jacqueline Berry - My Care Consultant

Jade Koh - Succession Wealth

Jade Spilsbury - The Private Office

Jalaja Aiyer - Pocock Rutherford & Co Ltd

Jana Chetraru - BTJ Mortgages

Jane Gow - Clear Cut Financial Planning

Jane Lander-Taylor - Continuum (Financial Services) LLP

Jane Hodges - Money Honey Financial Planning

Jane Sydenham - Rathbones

Jane Kellett - The Private Office

Jane Jones - Mackenzie Financial Planning

Jane Hodges - Money Honey Financial Planning

Janine Menasakanian - Coutts & Co

Jasmine Robinson - Miskimmin Wealth Ltd

Jasmine Breame - Schroders Personal Wealth

Jasmine Somefun - The Private Office

Jatinder Jhaj-Davies - Chase de Vere

Jay Dhaliwal - Chase de Vere

Jayne Gibson - Hanbury Wealth

Jayne Scott - Novia Financial

Jeannie Boyle - EQ Investors

Jenna Cochrane - Continuum (Financial Services) LLP

Jenni Turco - Positive Wealth Creation Ltd

Jennifer O'Neill - Athena Mortgages

Jennifer Stone - Chase de Vere

Jennifer Skehan - Kellands Chartered Financial Planners

Jennifer Davidson - Lane Clark & Peacock LLP

Jennifer Massey - Mazars Financial Planning Ltd

Jenny Mills - BRI Wealth Management

Jenny Earl - Cavendish Ware

Jenny Gray - Rosewood Wealth Management

Jenny Loftus - Financial Options Wealth Management Ltd

Jenny Woods - Wills & Trusts Wealth Management

Jess Kidwell - DWJ Wealth Management ltd

Jess McGuigan - Kingswood Group

Jessica Birkwell - BrightHelm financial

Jessica Ralph - Direct Life

Jessica McGowan - Riverfall Financial Ltd

Jessica Lyons - Black Swan Financial Planning

Jo Aubrey - Chase de Vere

Jo Frater - Eureka Financial Solutions

Jo Vaughan - Robertson Baxter

Jo Pawson - YuLife

Jo Harriman - Ashwood Law Wealth Management Ltd

Jo Dean - Morrinson Wealth

Jo Mackreth - Quilter Private Client Awards

Jo Connolly - The Compliance Partnership Limited

Joanna Allen - Ayp financial planning

Joanna Bambrough - Compliance and Training Solutions Ltd

Joanna Streames - Velvet Mortgage & Insure Services Ltd

Joanne Benson - Copia Capital

Joanne Hobson - KBA The Financial Planning Company

Joanne Parks - Navigatus

Joanne Scotford - St. James's Place

Jodie Phelps - de Mellow & Co Wealth Management

Josephine Courtney - Morrinson Wealth

Joy Griffin - Fidelius Group Limited

Joy Roskilly - Themis Wealth Management

Jude Nicol - Embark Group

Julia Kiff-Brown - St. James's Place Wealth Management

Julia Keith - Succession Wealth

Julia Smith - The Openwork Partnership

Julie Flynn - Bree Wealth & Tax Management Ltd

Julie Cattell - Quilter Private Client Advisers

Julie Phillips - Vermeer Partners

Juliette Smith - Principal Financial Services (Nottingham) Ltd

Justine Randall - Tatton

Justyna Rybarczyk - Mazars Financial Planning Ltd

Individual Nominees (K-Z)

Kirsty Stone - The Private Office

Kirsty Hale - L&C

Kirsty Hartley - Continuum (Financial Services) LLP

Kirsty Mead - Close Brothers Asset Management

Kirsty Zollinger - AJ Bell

Kiri Day - TMFP LLP

Kim Bennett - Compliance and Training Solutions Ltd

Kiera Swindells - The Private Office

Kez Condy - Navigatus

Kerry Burgess - First Wealth

Kerrie Thorley - The Private Office

Kendra Selzer - Philip James Financial Services Ltd

Kelly Anderson - Succession Wealth

Kelly East - LUNA Financial Planning Ltd

Kelly Smithson - Embark

Kellie Ellis - eParaplan Connect

Keeleigh Field - Close Brothers Asset Management

Kayleigh Thornton - The Yardstick Agency

Kaye Price - KP Financial Wellbeing

Kay Park - The Private Office

Katy Davies - Hanbury Wealth Management Ltd

Katja Oakley-Bell - Quilter

Katie Winks - My Pension Expert

Katie Dober - Direct Life

Katie Craddock - Close Brothers Asset Management

Katie Andrew - Canada Life Ltd

Kathy White - Punter Southall

Kathryn Gannon - Themis Wealth Management

Kathryn Shears - LUNA Financial Planning Ltd

Kathleen Moralee - St. James's Place Protection Planning

Kathleen Moralee - St James Protection Planning

Katherine Diamond - Mazars Financial planning Ltd

Katherine Weller - iPipeline

Katherine Wildey - Close Brothers Asset Management

Katharine Lindley - EQ Investors

Katharine Davis - Benchmark Financial Planning Ltd

Kath Crozier - Stan Sherlock Associates

Katerina Tammerova - TMFP LLP

Kate Ridgway - Quilter Private Client Advisers

Kate Ward - Cooper Associates Group

Kate Phillips - Timeline Portfolios

Kate Dockreay - Schroders

Kate Buckley - iPipeline

Karen Kissane - Karen Kissane Coaching

Kam Bajwa - Burlington Associates Limited

Kajal Dhingra - First Wealth

Kaho Osman - Trinity Lifetime Partners

Laura Young - Cairn Independent Ltd

Laura Benson - CHN Financial consultancy

Laura King - Fiducia Wealth Management

Laura Milroy - Goodmans Financial Planning Ltd

Laura Langton - J M Finn

Laura Stephen - Phil Anderson Financial Services Ltd.

Laura Martin-Jones - Sesame Bankhall Group

Laura Blyth - Tees Financial Ltd

Laura McLean - The Private Office

Laura Breakwell - Quilter Cheviot

Lauren White - Continuum (Financial Services) LLP

Leanne Harvey - Brooks Macdonald

Leanne Hobden - Burfields House Wealth Management Ltd

Leanne Wilson - Mazars Financial Planning Ltd

Leanne Brook - Schroders Personal Wealth

Leigh-Ann Gaskins - Investec Wealth & Investment

Leisa Sullivan - Investec Wealth & Investment

Lesley Irvine-Rae - Waverton Wealth

Liann Hill - Lifetime Assure

Libby Hook - Pensionlite Ltd

Lily Conway - Finura

Linda Preston-Todd - Sesame Bankhall Group

Lindsay blancke - royal london

Lindsay Gregory - St. James's Place

Lindsey Docherty - Mazars Financial Planning Ltd

Linsey Sinclair - Succession Wealth

Lisa Hepburn - Advanta Wealth

Lisa Morman - Brunsdon Financial

Lisa Anderson - Continuum (Financial Services) LLP

Lisa Yarlett - Continuum (Financial Services) LLP

Lisa Walklin-Knight - John Charcol

Lisa Tipton - New World Financial Group

Lisa Riordan - Pi Partnership Ltd

Lisa Hawkins - The Private Office

Lisa Gilbert - Redwood Financial Services Ltd

Lisa Conway-Hughes - Westminster Wealth Management

Liz Beavis - Financial Management Bureau

Liz Wright - Quilter

Liz Kunzler - Raymond James Belgravia

Liz Townend - Robertson Baxter

Liz Paradine - Seven Investment Management

Liza Pontone - Active Chartered Financial Planners

Lorna Young - Pensionlite Ltd

Lorraine Jones-Knott - Punter Southall

Lorraine Grace - Close Brothers Asset Management

Louise Parsons - Continuum (Financial Services) LLP

Louise Fish - Finura

Louise Cheatle - John Charcol

Louise Herring - Matrix Capital Limited

Louise Webb - Model Financial Solutions Limited

Louise Dench - Stonebridge Wealth LLP

Louisiana Salge - EQ Investors

Lucia Griffin - Burfields House Wealth Management Ltd

Lucy Byrom - Fusion Business Management Limited

Lucy Young - Mazars Financial planning Ltd

Lucy Bristow - Novia Financial PLC

Lucy Plastow - St. James's Place

Lucy Buckley - The Yardstick Agency

Lucy Opie - Themis Wealth Management

Lucy Atthis - David James Wealth Ltd

Lucy Lait - Time4Advice

Lydia Gibson - Mazars Financial Planning

Lyndsay Taylor - CD Financial LTD

Lyndsay Janyckyj - Advanta Wealth

Lynn Parker-Haworth - Astute Private Wealth

Lynn Reader - Matrix Financial Limited

Lynne Brown - Continuum (Financial Services) LLP

Malwina Strugala - Hymans Robertson

Mandy Dale - Hanbury Wealth Management Ltd

Marie Smith - Cooper Parry Wealth

Marie Calvin - Mazars Private Client

Marie Blake - L&C

Martyna Sliuzaite - Kalon Financial

Mary Wright - Succession Wealth

Mary Hemingway - Truly Independent

Maureen Edgar - Succession Wealth

Maxine Anderson - RBC Brewin Dolphin

Meera Hearnden - Paremenion

Megan Oakey - Curo Paraplanning Limited

Megan Pope - First Wealth

Megan Craig - Investec Wealth & Investment Limited

Megan Jenkins - Saltus

Megan Taylor - The Private Office

Megan Johnson - Benchmark Financial Planning Ltd

Megan Mear - The Private Office

Melissa Charles - Advanta Wealth

Melissa Henderson - BRI Wealth Management

Melissa Mullender - The Minster Partnership

Melony Holman - Compliance and Training Solutions Ltd

Mercedes Osborne - Pointers Financial

Mia Cohen - Novia Financial

Micaela Tadmor - Core Financial Paraplanning Limited

Micheala Hawkins - Navigatus

Michelle Murphy - Beechwood Financial Services Limited

Michelle Harvey - Curo Paraplanning Limited

Michelle Wilson-Stimson - eParaplan Connect

Michelle Jackson - Miskimmin Wealth Limited

Michelle Creighton - Pocock Rutherford & Co Ltd

Michelle Moore - Quilter Private Client Advisers

Michelle Harvey - RBC Brewin Dolphin

Michelle Lambell - The Minster Partnership Ltd

Michelle Hoskin - Standards International

Mishka Dzikowska - Investec Wealth & Investment

Moll Thomas - Niche

My-Linh Ngo - RBC BlueBay

Nadia Fewlass-Jones - The Private Office

Nadine Reynolds - Succession Wealth

Naomi Kewell - clarity

Natalie Merrens - Coutts

Natalie Theobald - Tavistock Investments Plc

Natasha Percy-Baxter - PercyBaxter Wealth Management

Natasha O'Neill - Strategic Solutions Financial Services

Nathalie Stone - Mansion House Capital

Neli Hogan - Talis

Nerys Petrou - Ningi Limited

Nic Jones - Green Beans Financial Ltd

Nicky Sevel - Woven Advice

Nicola Wright - Equanimity IFA

Nicola Barclay - Finura

Nicola Crosbie - Moran Wealth Management

Nicola Tait - Progeny

Nikki Rusike - Continuum (Financial Services) LLP

Nila Mistry - Prosperity Life Planning Limited

Nina Brown - Pam Brown Mortgages

Nishma Waite - abrdn Financial Planning and Advice Ltd

Nitu Mehra - I paraplan

Olivia Newman - Brooks Macdonald

Olivia Maynard - TFP Financial Planning

Olivia Bowen - Castlefield

Penny Wilkes - Succession Wealth

Petra Lee - St James's Place Wealth Management

Philippa Payne - Pensionlite Ltd

Phoebe Ellis - First Wealth

Pippa Russell - Russell Communications

Poppy Campbell-Lamerton - 7IM LLP

Rabeya Islam - ST JAMES`S PLACE

Rachael Martin - Strategic Solutions Financial Services

Rachael Crabb - Succession Wealth

Rachael Madden - Precision Financial Consulting Ltd

Rachel McCulloch - Active Chartered Financial Planners

Rachel Efetha - Anstee & Co

Rachel Sartin - Chase de Vere

Rachel Rutherford - Dartington Wealth Management Limited

Rachel Kent - Fiducia Group

Rachel Eason-Whale - L&C

Rachel Whittaker - Oakmere Wealth Management Ltd

Rachel Jefferson - Prosperity Wealth

Rachel Toseland - Simplicity Financial Planning

Rachel Jones - The Minster Partnership Ltd

Rachel Brigden Haskins - Novia Financial

Rajveet Kang - Chase de Vere

Rebecca Welthy - Amber River East Anglia

Rebecca Dorrian - Chase de Vere

Rebecca Netten - MAC Financial Limited

Rebecca Goater - Network Insurance & Financial Planning Limited

Rebecca Lee - Oakfield Lee Financial Planning

Rebecca Kowalski - Overstory Finance

Rebecca Dean - Robertson Baxter Ltd

Rebecca Mattingley - Kingswood Group

Rebecca Jane Stein - Charles Stanley

Rehana Yasin - 7IM

Renata Cook - Renata Cook Wealth Management Ltd

Rhiannon Heeley - The Yardstick Agency

Rimah Shah - The Private Office

Rio Stedford - Quilter

Riona Mulherin - Paradigm

Robin Quirt - Burfields House Wealth Management Ltd

Roohi Siddiqui - Close Brothers Asset Management

Rose Wood - Trinity Lifetime Partners

Rosie Hooper - Quilter Private Client Advisers

Rubekka Sharma - Chase de Vere

Sade Botes - Spiritus Wealth Ltd

Sahiba Kholi - clarity

Saisha Penny - Brooks Macdonald Asset Management Ltd

Sam Bradford - Simplicity Financial Planning

Samantha Gratton - Old Mill Financial Planning

Samantha Leggett - Walden Capital Ltd

Samantha Secomb - Women's Wealth

Samantha Boswell - Coutts

Samantha Wood - Wood Mitchell Financial Planning

Samm Walker - John Charcol

Sandy Pabial - Continuum

Sandy Pabial - Continuum (Financial Services) LLP

Sara Anscombe - Charles Stanley

Sarah Mitchell - Benchmark Financial Planning Ltd

Sarah Elson - Berry & Oak

Sarah Johannesen - Close Brothers Asset Management

Sarah Corney - Close Brothers Asset Management

Sarah Whitelock - Compliance and Training Solutions Ltd

Sarah Levett - EBCam Ltd

Sarah Brown - Fidelium Financial Planners Ltd

Sarah Hunter - Fiducia Wealth Management Ltd

Sarah Lloyd - Financial Options Wealth Management Ltd

Sarah Wilcock - Future Group (UK) Ltd

Sarah Pohlinger - Mole Valley Asset Management Ltd

Sarah Romain - Novia Financial

Sarah Paul - Panacea Adviser

Sarah Redshaw - Progeny

Sarah Bower - Quilter Private Client Advisers

Sarah Clarke - Saltus

Sarah Siddons - Siddons & Co Financial Planning

Sarah Drywood - SJP

Sarah Roughsedge - Eva Wealth Management for Women

Sarah Hogan - KBA The Financial Planning Company

Sarah Tennant - Kingswood Group

Sarah Stevenson - Murphy Wealth Ltd

Sarah Waring - Quilter Private Client Advisers

Sarah Ruggins - St James's Place Wealth Management

Sarah Nesbitt - The Private Office

Sarah Aitken - The Private Office

Sarah-Jayne Ives - SJ Wealth Management Ltd

Saran Allott-Davey - Heron House Financial Management Ltd

Sarika Dhanjal - Progeny

Sasha Mitchell - The Private Office

Shannan Pool-Gorman - Rosewood Wealth Management

Sharon Purewal - Pensionlite Ltd

Shauna Bevan - RiverPeak Wealth

Shaunagh Wilson - eParaplan Connect

Shazana Anwar - Quilter

Shazna Bishop - Investec

Sian Macinnes - Philip James Financial Services Ltd

Sian Davies Cole - Plan Works & The Paraplanner Club

Sinead Meenan - Benchmark Financial Planning Ltd

Siobhan Brookes - Folan Brookes

Sioned James - Positive Wealth Creation Ltd

Sofie Symonds - Innovia

Sophie Thornhill - CHN Financial Consultancy

Sophie Kennedy - EQ Investors

Sophie Haslehurst - Integrity365

Sophie Waugh - John Charcol

Sophie Smith - Fogwill & Jones Wealth Management Limited

Stacey Seaborne - Evelyn Partners

Stacey Lane - LUNA Financial Planning Ltd

Stacey Owen - Adams & Bowles Wealth Management Ltd

Stefani Williams - Holden & Partners

Stella Hudson - Trinity Lifetime Partners

Steph Willcox - Dynamic Planner

Stephanie McClarence - Continuum (Financial Services) LLP

Stephanie Hydon - iPipeline

Stephanie Charman - Sesame Bankhall Group

Stephanie Pollard - SJP

Stephanie Barr - The Private Office

Sue Stevens - Dentons Wealth

Sue McFarlane - Plus Group

Sue Loveridge - Quilter

Sue Hudson - St. James's Place

Susan Bennett - Advanta Wealth

Susan Hope - Scottish Widows

Susan Tait - The Private Office

Susana Marques - Trinity Lifetime Partners

Susi Lee - Continuum (Financial Services) LLP

Susie Laws - Fiducia Wealth Management Ltd

Suzy Rosati - Succession Wealth

Tabitha Garland - Morrinson Wealth

Tammy McAlpine - Newbridge Financial Planning

Tanya Pein - In2 Planning

Tara Taylor - Novia Financial PLC

Tayler Cherrett - Pangea Life

Terri Hall - Continuum (Financial Services) LLP

Tessa Lee - moneyinfo

Toni Chalmers-Smith - Tees Financial Limited

Toni Turton - West Riding Personal Financial Solutions Ltd

Tracey Fraser-Clark - Eureka Financial Solutions

Umarrah Shafiq - Mazars Financial Planning Ltd

Valerie Kitchen - Schroders Personal Wealth

Vas Babeiu - Morrinson Wealth

Veronica Trotter - Quilter

Vicki Skinner - BRI Wealth Management

Vicki Watson - clarity

Vicki Baker - Novia Financial

Vicky Ryan - Embark

Vicky Harman - Integrity365

Victoria Ross - Progeny

Victoria Mills - Time4Advice

Victoria Hubbard - Quilter

Victoria Jones - Quilter Private Client Advisers

Virginia Fernandes - 7IM

Vittoria Vaccaro - The Private Office

Wendy Jackson - clarity

Wendy Fellows - Colmore Partners

Wendy Fisher - Progeny

Yasmin Barlow-Mills - de Mellow & Co Wealth Management

Yasmin Wales - 7im

Zoe Brett - EQ Investors

Zoe Raynsford - First Wealth

Zoe Till - Nelsons

Zoe Warner - The Private Office

Zoe Ziegler - Ziegler Financial

Company Nominees


Brooks Macdonald Asset Management

Close Brothers Asset Management

First Wealth

Mathews Comfort

Mathews Comfort

Morrinson Wealth

Pi Partnership Ltd

Sesame Bankhall Group

Sterling financial setvices

Succession Wealth

The Mentor Standard

The Private Office

The Verve Foundation

Women in Asset Servicing Networking Group supported by Embark Group