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Editor's introduction and welcome

A warm welcome and look at the day ahead with the editor of Professional Adviser. 

Professional Adviser
The great misallocation

The longer a trend continues, the more structural it seems. But long cycles are still cycles, and just because something has happened for years does not mean it will persist forever. Nearly 15 years of low inflation and interest rates have left investors concentrated in the biggest beneficiaries of that regime. With valuations where they are, that presents risks. As the market and valuation cycle unfolds amid less predictable inflation, tomorrow’s winners could look very different to the winners of the last decade. In this presentation, we lay out a simple framework for the market and valuation cycle. We then look at history to help judge where we are in the current cycle, what the next era might look like, and what investors can do about it.

By the end of this session, delegates will be able to: 

  • Understand the drivers of the market and valuation cycle 
  • Articulate the concentrations that have emerged in investor portfolios 
  • Explain the long-term forces contributing to higher inflation
Head of Orbis UK
Orbis Investments
Preparing and equipping advisers for the next generation of advice

In an ever-changing financial landscape, the role of education and professionalism is crucial to continue providing the best possible service and support to clients. Join us to learn how the industry is evolving and changing to meet the challenges it faces and what you can do to future proof your business and make certain that advisers are well-prepared and equipped meet future needs of clients.

Chief Executive
Panel discussion: Integrating AI into your business and advice process

AI is an abstract concept to many people, but this technology is an opportunity to fundamentally change the way advisers do business. To help put AI into practical context we look at how financial advice is being impacted, what is coming down the pipeline, the new risks to be managed, and how forward-looking businesses are embracing this as an opportunity to help advisers be more productive and evidence compliance.

Chief Executive Officer
Founder and CEO
Model Office
Head of Data & Ai - Principal Consultant
Altus Consulting
Professional Adviser
Refreshments and networking break in exhibition hub

Be part of the buzz and engage with fellow attendees over a cup of coffee in the exhibition hub - discuss your challenges with exhibitors to find out how they can help and catch up on latest news and updates.

Your Profession

Stream Chair: Katrina Lloyd, Editor-in-Chief, Professional Adviser, Investment Week, and COVER

'Global Mega Trends’ affecting today's markets
The 2020s have gotten off to a choppy start: a global pandemic and a major war between Russia and Ukraine have caused significant disruption in the global economy and financial markets. Looking forward, it seems that we are now embarking on a period of increased uncertainty compared to the relatively benign period following the fall of the Berlin Wall. Policymakers and investors face a series of challenges that will need tackled, including energy security, ageing populations, a reconfiguration of global trade and commerce, and greater geopolitical risk. It promises to be a difficult market environment.
In this presentation, Rob Clarry from Evelyn Partners will attempt to shed some light on these themes, and provide some ideas for how investors might navigate them.
By the end of the session you will be able to
  • Describe how global mega trends are shaping the investment landscape
  • Explain to clients about where these assets may be invested and why
  • Understand how Evelyn Partners is managing portfolios

Investment Strategist
Evelyn Partners
Five reasons why exposure to early-stage companies should be considered for client portfolios

Venture capital might not be something you recommend every day, but it warrants special attention. This is a typically underserved sector, where our research shows investors have unmet appetite. Among 200 UK financial advisers, just 17% thought their clients were interested in investing in early-stage companies. Yet when 1,000 UK adults with investments managed by an adviser were asked the same question, 45% expressed interest.1

This session from Octopus Investments will give you five reasons why you should consider adding exposure to early-stage companies to suitable client portfolios. It will also provide some actionable tips to help get you started.

  • Learn how you can add value to clients in a challenging economy.
  • Evaluate the exciting investment opportunity in venture capital and why it should be considered for suitable clients.
  • Understand how Consumer Duty fits in.
  • Learn practical next steps to help get you started.
Key Partnerships Manager
Octopus Investments
Panel: Providing certainty during uncertain times - constructing a retirement portfolio to enhance client retirement wealth and income

We will discuss how the retirement income landscape has changed, what are the biggest challenges for retirees during these turbulent times, the prospects for future growth, and the opportunity for innovation in the market.

Strategic Partnerships Director
Legal & General
Managing Director & Chartered Financial Planner
Strategic Wealth Partners
Group Innovation Director
Development and Events Director

Your Business

Stream Chair: Hope Coumbe, Editor, Professional Adviser

Consumer Duty – what is your business doing differently?

Consumer Duty has been at top of mind and top of the agenda for anyone working in financial services so, post implementation, what’s working, what isn’t, and what are people doing differently now? With the help from data from our Schroders annual adviser survey, we look at the impact that Consumer Duty is having on running an adviser business and the best practices around measurement and benchmarking.

Commercial Director
Benchmark Capital
Taking practical steps to protect your business from a cyber-attack

A cyber-attack is one of the biggest concerns and costs to an adviser business, with disruption to business, client stolen data, and reputational damage at stake. Stay on top of this evolving threat by gaining a comprehensive understanding of how cyber criminals are picking and penetrating their targets, why your people are your greatest asset and your greatest vulnerability, partner due diligence and controls to consider to make your business hard to hack, and what you should do if the worst should happen!

Independent Financial Adviser
Morgan Williams & Co.
Panel: The future of platforms and what it means for advisers

Our panel of experts discuss the changing trends in the platform market, the emergence of white labelling, and debate the pros and cons of the different approaches for reducing risk and improving operational efficiency when managing client assets across multiple execution venues.

News Editor
Professional Adviser
Chief Executive and Founder
the lang cat
Consulting Director
Head of UK Wealth Distribution
Morningstar Wealth

Your Clients

Stream Chair: Jenna Brown, Deputy Editor, Professional Adviser

The meaning of value – How consumers and financial advisers define value

It has never been more important for regulators, providers and advisers alike to understand how consumers define value. This is a concept central to the consumer duty, but there’s no one size fits all as recent research from Royal London in conjunction with the Lang Cat illustrates. Value is subjective, but by considering how consumers make value judgements, and how these align with adviser assumptions, firms are better placed to meet client needs and expectations.

Senior Intermediary Development and Technical Manager
Royal London
Reasonably foreseeable harm and battling behavioural biases

Investing and navigating Consumer Duty are both challenged by how humans think. What biases might be most troublesome? As evidence of these biases, we can examine examples of them in asset allocation decisions. Recognising these biases can help advisers develop frameworks to help prepare for future scrutiny.

Head of Multi-Asset Funds
What clients want

Client wants and needs are varied and complex. So, designing a service proposition that can deliver value across a broad range of clients presents advisory firms with some interesting challenges. This presentation draws on Dimensional’s extensive studies of global adviser businesses and end investors to better appreciate what it is that clients want and use these insights to solve challenges such as growth, business development and the demonstration of value add.

Head of UK & Ireland Advisor Group and Vice President
Dimensional Fund Advisors
Lunch and networking break in exhibition hub

Grab a spot of lunch with peers to share highlights and lessons from the morning’s sessions - discuss your challenges with exhibitors to find out how they can help and catch up on latest news and updates.

Your Profession

Stream Chair: Katrina Lloyd, Editor-in-Chief, Professional Adviser, Investment Week, and COVER

Retirement reviews and the value of advice

Recent FCA guidance on retirement income advice puts a lot of emphasis on creating a robust plan, showing how to achieve the client’s objectives based on all the information on file. But it’s not just about the hard data - it’s also about knowing the traits of the client, their need for flexibility and various retirement goals. And it doesn’t stop after the initial plan has been implemented. In this session, we’ll explore some ideas as well as industry guidance to show the breadth of issues to review throughout retirement and into later life.

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine the key factors in a review process
  • Discuss key industry guidance on good practice relating to pension reviews
  • Recognise the impact of health, ageing and other client characteristics
Development and Events Director
The future of MPS

Managed Portfolio Services (MPS) have grown significantly in popularity over the last decade, as many advisory firms have recognised the benefits they can offer to their clients and business models. In this session, Quilter will discuss the key benefits of MPS, how their WealthSelect proposition has evolved over the last decade, as well as considering what the future may hold for MPS over the next 10 years.

After attending this session, delegate will be able to:

  • Understand the key benefits of a Managed Portfolio Service (MPS) as an investment solution.
  • Explore the current investment landscape and be able to recognise the influence of regulation on investment propositions.
  • Review key industry trends and the possible evolution of the Managed Portfolio Service (MPS) approach.
Investment Director
AIM for flexible Inheritance Tax planning

Inheritance Tax receipts have hit an all-time high and are on track to continue rising. During our presentation we will use case studies to explore the many planning opportunities AIM and can offer clients, when used in conjunction with Business Relief, to mitigate Inheritance Tax. We will examine the AIM index and demonstrate how it has changed over time, looking in detail at companies that have chosen to list on AIM.

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Articulate the reasons for rising Inheritance Tax receipts. 
  • Understand the tax benefits ISAs can offer clients. 
  • Identify different types of clients for which it may be appropriate to recommend an AIM Business Relief service.
Sales & Marketing Director and Partner
TIME Investments

Your Business

Stream Chair: Sahar Nazir, News Editor, Professional Adviser

Panel: Making your business the best place to work!

In this panel discussion we speak to the very best in the businesses and learn their secrets.

  • How do they attract talented individuals, invest in staff, what does good training look like, how do they incentivise teams beyond compensation, and what does a good career pathway look like?
  • How can you look after the resilience and wellbeing of your teams?
  • What skills do the next generation of advisers need and what do they need to know before running and taking over a business?
Partner & Chief People Officer
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Tweed Wealth Management
Antony George
Deputy Editor
Professional Adviser
Back to The Future – PA360 2034

It is 2034, and time to look back at all that has changed in the advice profession since the epic PA360 event of 2024. Remember when consumer duty had just been introduced and the FCAs retirement review was hot off the press and the SDR was in its infancy? Can you believe that advisers were still using multiple systems with separate data sets? AI was the latest tech development that people didn’t really understand, the future of the platform market seemed up for grabs and the supply chain of solutions being used by advisers was developing rapidly.

Let’s look back and see how far the advice market has come – in terms of tech, regulation, service offerings and of course, delivery against the expectations of end consumers of the UK.

Managing Director

Your Clients

Stream Chair: Isabel Baxter, Senior Reporter, Professional Adviser

The Bond is back in town (It never really went away)
  • A review of the latest Spring Budget proposals that relate directly or indirectly to financial planning together with a review of the current and potential future tax context for investment of capital .
  • How the current tax context impacts on investment wrapper choice .
  • The increased role of the UK investment bond in tax effective planning for Accumulation , Decumulation and Wealth transfer.

By the end of the session you will be able to:

  • Describe the changes announced in the Spring Budget Incorporate knowledge of the current tax context into all phases of intergenerational financial planning
  • Explain how the frozen tax thresholds and reduced dividend allowance and CGT exemption affect investment wrapper choice
  • Understand when an onshore Bond can play an effective part in tax efficient accumulation , decumulation and generational transfer
Senior Trust and Tax Consultant
Technical Connection on behalf of HSBC Life
Panel: Protection – are your clients fully taken care of?

The importance of good protection has skyrocketed during these uncertain and volatile times. This panel will look at the role that protection plays in a full and comprehensive service and why there are no excuses for leaving it off the table.

Mortgage & Protection Adviser
London Money Financial Services Limited
Head of Protection Development
Sesame Bankhall Group
Protection Sales & Marketing Director
Digital marketing and social media best practice to engage and connect advice to new clients

While many financial advisers have built their businesses catering for baby boomers, the next generation of investors have different needs and preferences. Understanding their interests and adapting your digital marketing strategies to attract younger investors is critical for continued success. This session will provide you with tips to help you reach out, engage and appeal to the next generation of clients.

Founder and Director
The Yardstick Agency
Refreshments and networking break

An opportunity to refuel and finish the day strongly.

Panel: Tech tips and opportunities for embedding digital tools and technology into your business

We examine how the adviser tech ecosystem is evolving, the opportunities for AI, and how firms are using technology and data to overcome the challenges highlighted throughout today’s sessions. 

  • How can technology support the challenges of Consumer Duty
  • The role of paraplanners in a tech & AI enabled advice firm business
  • How should advisers approach the impact technology is having on a wider society?
  • How do the next generation of financial consumers want to receive financial advice?
CEO and Founder
Financial Technology Research Centre
Director & Head of Partnerships
NextGen Planners
Head of Adviser Solutions
Closing Keynote: ‘Ask me anything’ with Ed Balls

Join us for an exclusive and dynamic session with prominent broadcaster, economist and former politician, Ed Balls.

Nothing is off the table in this ‘ask me anything’ session, as Ed discusses the potential scenarios and impact of the 2024 general election on financial assets, pensions, taxation, and savers.

Don't miss this chance to engage with one of the most pragmatic intellects of contemporary politics, with Ed answering your questions and offering his unique perspective on a wide range of issues spanning economics, finance, politics, and international affairs.

British broadcaster, writer, economist and former politician
Editor’s closing remarks
A wrap up of the day and closing thoughts from the editor of Professional Adviser.
Professional Adviser
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