Emma Napier, NextWealth
Emma Napier
Consulting Director

Having spent my whole career watching financial services evolve in the UK, it never ceases to amaze me how things have (and haven’t) changed over the years. My working life has entered its 3rd decade, yet I remain excited about the future of advice, particularly, how that advice is delivered to an individual. I have a whole heap of experience in-the-thick of, pretty much, all elements of distribution. Anyone who knows me, knows I am fuelled by an enormous passion to “do the right thing for the end customer”. I also all too well aware, navigation and getting-it-right is tricky. Joining Next Wealth feels like a full circle for me – it’s the most exciting yet. Heather gave me the freedom to help her grow Next Wealth by sharing my knowledge, understanding and experience of the end-to-end processes involved in the delivery of financial advice. I am super excited to be working with those who see the value in applying that to their own proposition and strategy decision-making.