Professional Adviser Working Lunch
with Ruffer and Benchmark Capital

28th September, 2021 - 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM - Location: Oulton Hall, Leeds

28th October, 2021 - 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM - Location:  The Mere, Knutsford

11th November, 2021 - 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM - Location: Marriott, Forest of Arden

Benchmark Capital

It’s all about Trust

Selling your business or building a longer-term succession plan is probably one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a business owner.

Finding a partner you trust to look after your clients and employees with the same care you do means finding a like-minded, financially secure and non-disruptive team to support you on your journey.

Using a real-life case study, we’ll explore our collaborative approach to succession; it starts with getting to know you and how you work. Our recent adviser research also revealed that increasing productivity was the highest priority for advisers over the next 12 months. We’ll show how technology can achieve efficiencies to build value in your firm.

We’ll demonstrate how working with a like-minded partner to explore - and finance – different options tailored to your business achieves the best results for you and the best possible outcomes for your clients.

There’s a lot of “noise” in the market about private-equity investment and consolidation. Finding your trusted partner is the key to achieving success.


Keith Hare, Group Development Director, Benchmark Capital

Keith joined Benchmark Capital in 2013 with responsibility for customer relationship management, sales and marketing, project implementations and commercial operations across the group. He works with high quality financial planning and wealth management firms on delivering measurable value by bringing Benchmark’s unique technology solutions to advisers; streamlining processes, simplifying operations and freeing up time for them to focus on their clients. With an unwavering focus on quality, Keith has over 20 years’ experience in financial services, business consultancy and strategic business development.


What are you doing with your 40%?

The role of bonds in portfolios is being questioned. A potent mix of low interest rates, extraordinary monetary policy and a pandemic have pushed bond valuations to the extreme. A trend which has been going on for decades. Yet, in a diversified portfolio bonds are supposed to offset equity losses. That relationship is no longer so straightforward, when parts of the equity market are already moving in lockstep with bonds: the merest hint of talking about interest rate rises has hurt both bonds, and some of the most popular equity names.

What do you do instead when the bonds don't work?

Join us to hear what options are available for investors, where the pitfalls are when diversifying away from fixed interest allocations and how our funds can help.


Ian Rees, Investment Director, Ruffer

Joined Ruffer in 2012, after graduating from the University of Bath with an honours degree in economics. He spent 2017 in Ruffer’s Hong Kong office working as an equity analyst covering emerging markets, and is a CFA charterholder.

Duncan MacInnes, Investment Director, Ruffer

Joined Ruffer in 2012. He graduated from Glasgow University School of Law in 2007 and spent four years working at Barclays in Glasgow, London and Singapore. He is a CFA charterholder and is co-manager of Ruffer Investment Company.

28th September, 2021 - Oulton Hall, Rothwell Lane, Oulton, Leeds, LS26 8HN

28th October, 2021 - The Mere, Chester Road, Mere, Knutsford, WA16 6LJ

11th November, 2021 - Marriott, Forest of Arden, Maxstoke Lane, Meriden, Birmingham, Coventry CV7 7HR