Professional Adviser Working Lunch
with Ruffer

Has Covid blown a hole in your asset allocation model?

The death of inflation has been widely heralded and its absence has been one of the predominant drivers of returns since 1981. Its return would maim the traditional balanced portfolio that has served investors for a generation. The post COVID world has ushered in a new era where long-established investing principles could be turned upside down, harming those least able to bear the burden. Join us to hear from Alex Lennard, fund manager at Ruffer LLP, on how COVID19 could elicit a crisis in our most popular asset allocation ideas, and where to invest to negotiate this turbulent time.


Alex Lennard, Investment Director

Alex joined Ruffer in 2006 after graduating from Exeter University with an honours degree in economics and finance; he is a member of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment. He initially worked as assistant to Jonathan Ruffer and now manages investment portfolios, concentrating on family offices and corporate pension schemes. He is co–manager of Ruffer Total Return International.