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Sustainability? Why advisers should be focusing on risk and suitability

The impact of sustainability on an investment’s risk and its suitability for a portfolio is now front and centre for governments, regulators, managers, advisers and clients. Abhimanyu Chatterjee, Chief Investment Strategist at Dynamic Planner, will discuss why savers should be thinking more clearly about overall portfolio suitability risk, and how advisers can use the available tools to measure and consistently assess the issues and drivers of sustainability to help people fund better futures for themselves and their fellow man.


Abhimanyu Chatterjee, Chief Investment Strategist, Dynamic Planner

Abhi leads Dynamic Planner’s team of analysts, who are responsible for asset allocation and for the Dynamic Planner risk model. He also chairs the Investment Committee.

Previously, Abhi headed up investment risk and qualitative research teams at Columbia Threadneedle Investments, Invesco and the BT Pension Scheme. He has also managed money for hedge funds. Abhi completed his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at Jadavpur University in India before achieving a master’s in business management (finance) at the University of Reading. He completed a PhD in finance also at the University of Reading and maintains a close relationship with the university.

Dynamic Planner

Dynamic Planner is one system for all your financial planning needs, enabling you to match people with suitable portfolios through engaging plans. It is a risk-based system, combining intuitive financial planning technology with a trusted, independent asset risk model.

Founded in 2003, at the heart of Dynamic Planner is an asset risk model, with a 16-year track record of ensuring investment suitability, using more than 2,400 covariance correlations to assess the risk of tens of thousands of investments and client portfolios daily.

Dynamic Planner powers the MSCI - Dynamic Planner indices and is used by leading asset managers to risk profile or target more than £220bn of investments. Its technology is mobile-friendly, secure, cloud-based and integrated with leading industry CRMs and platforms and providers. It uses an independent standard for risk profiling throughout to ensure nothing is ever lost in translation in the planning and advice process.