29th June 2022 | 13:00 - 14:00 | Live Online

Why Growth Investing Still Matters for the Long Term

Since the turn of the year, a host of unrelated events and tragic crises have given rise to an environment where certainty is evasive, and with investors understandably struggling to muster much optimism. ‘Growth’ investing has had an especially difficult year so far, with the apparent safety of ‘value’ investments being more alluring, but not immune from market shocks. But is this flight to safety founded in a genuinely long-term outlook? Join Philip Scott, Baillie Gifford Managed Fund specialist, and Tom Ellis as they discuss the Baillie Gifford Managed Fund’s recent performance, approach to long-term thinking, and ultimately address the question of whether, in this environment, it is still possible to achieve superior returns from growth investing over five years and beyond.

By the end of the session the delegates should be able to:

  • Understand the Managed Fund’s investment process 
  • Be able to state why a focus on the long term is vital for client outcomes 
  • Understand why the current environment still leaves room for optimism for the investor willing to take a long-term view.


Philip Scott, Client Service Manager

Philip is a Client Service Manager in the Balanced Team. He joined Baillie Gifford in 2014 on the Investment Operations Graduate Programme and moved to the Clients Department after a brief spell with the firm’s Performance Analysis Team. Philip graduated MA (Hons) in Business and Finance from Heriot-Watt University in 2014.