Daniel Harrison
Daniel Harrison
True Potential

Daniel began his career as Technology Co-ordinator at financial services firm Positive Solutions, where he provided first-line technical support to independent financial advisers (IFAs). Progressing to development, Daniel helped build some of the innovative tools that saw Positive Solutions routinely pick up technology awards.

With his technology background in place, he was appointed Head of Marketing at Positive Solutions. Reporting directly to the Board, Daniel helped build end-client communications and worked with recruitment to help grow Positive Solutions to be the largest firm of its kind.

After thirteen years in the industry, he helped found True Potential LLP as a Senior Partner. Initially heading up the Group’s marketing and technology teams, Daniel helped design, build and market technologies that built the reputation for innovation that the company continues to enjoy. Daniel has broadened his role further in the past twelve years.

In addition to continuing to chair the technology board, he has been in charge of delivering a service proposition to more than 4,000 financial advisers and has worked as head of operations within True Potential Wealth Management, helping shape regulatory and process decisions for both financial advisers and clients.

As the head of the company’s award-winning Wealth Platform, Daniel was instrumental in guiding the development of True Potential’s unique client sites and the world-first impulseSave® technology. He believes that technology can help address the UK’s savings crisis by creating a more engaging way for people to save and invest.