Keith Churchhouse
Keith Churchhouse
Chapters Financial

Chapters Financial Limited was established in 2004 by Keith to deliver quality financial planning advice. Keith observed in his contact with other successful business people that many started their businesses to be the best in their profession, and this remains his mantra. Possibly more importantly, in the provision of financial planning, Keith maintains a philosophy that for each recommendation that he makes, he is comfortable that if the client were a close family member in the same circumstances, he would still make the same recommendations. This offers another ethical 'test' to ensure that client confidence is maintained.

Chapters Financial Limited is keen to encourage repeat business and referrals into the future and this means that the quality and delivery of our financial planning advice should match our business ethic of consistent, personalised high quality financial advice, most importantly, adding value. Keith is a Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Financial Planner & Chartered Wealth Manager. He is also a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society (FPFS) and is about to celebrate his 36 year in UK retail financial services (December 2021). His qualifications also include a BA Hons degree in Financial Services from Napier University.

Since October 2004 he has been the director and co-owner of Chapters Financial Limited, which is a Chartered Financial Planning company based in Guildford. Keith penned the book, Sign Here, Here and Here! Journey of a Financial Adviser in 2010 and has followed this with additional texts, including The Recession is Over Time to Grow and Scared of Something Different: Journey of Business Disruption & Innovation. As he notes at the start of his popular book, Sign Here, Here and Here!, "Add to your world, it makes life a lot easier and any income created becomes a consequence rather than a target." Keith has championed the cause of online financial information and advice as a key avenue of advice delivery in the UK. He successfully launched, with Chapters Financial Limited, the multi-award winning in 2015.