Entry Questionnaires

´╗┐Congratulations on being nominated for the New Talent Awards 2020. 

For the next stage we ask all nominees to complete an entry form (per category) which will help us to assemble a shortlist for each category. These shortlists will then be assessed by our panel of judges to decide on the winners.

These awards focus on the previous calendar year, so please ensure your entry is relevant to achievements accomplished in the past 12 months (July/August 2019).

If you have been nominated in more than one category please make sure you complete and submit a form for each as they all have different questions.

Entry system instructions:

1. Click on the START ENTRY button below

2. Create your account and verify your account

3. Select your category using the dropdown box (if you are entering more than one, you will be able to add another to your basket)

4. Enter the details asked of you - you can start and save, log out and log back in when you're ready to complete and submit.

5. When submitting please make sure your entry moves from 'saved items' to 'basket' to 'complete'

(There will be no extensions)

If you have any questions please contact: rebecca.hancock@incisivemedia.com