Welcome to the Multi-Asset Masterclass 2020

7th - 8th September | Live Online

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Uncertain markets, regulatory change, shifting demographics and, of course, Covid-19 and all of its consequences, the potential for a deep recession to name just one. There is no doubt the market outlook today will pose tough questions for you and your clients. That said, well-run multi-asset portfolios should be able to offer up some suitable answers.

Professional Adviser’s Multi-Asset Masterclass has been designed to help UK financial advisers gain a greater understanding of this evolving and dynamic investment sector. Expert speakers will discuss why advisers should consider directing their clients towards multi-asset solutions, citing reasons like diversification, lower volatility, income generation and cost – or perhaps for that last point we should say value.

Delivered online over two half-day sessions (on 7 and 8 September), the Multi-Asset Masterclass 2020 will look to provide a case for multi-asset investing as well as an outlook for the sector over the year ahead.

Keynote speakers announced!

We are delighted to announce two keynote speakers who will address the Multi-Asset Masterclass giving their overview of the asset class, their thoughts on the future of investing Post Covid-19, where the value lies and offering best practice tips for the most appropriate fund selection for your clients.

Keynote speakers:

COO Research & Consulting
Square Mile Investment Consulting & Research Limited
Managing Director, The Adviser Centre &
CIO, Embark Group


Chief Investment Officer
Benchmark Capital
Executive Director
Goldman Sachs Asset Management
Client Service Director
Baillie Gifford & Co.
Investment Counsellor
Orbis Investments
Multi-Asset Product Specialist
HSBC Global Asset Management
Professional Adviser
Investment Manager
Aegon Asset Management


      Professional Adviser welcomes delegates with the following job titles:

      • Advisers

       • Independent Financial Advisers

      • Investment Advisers

      • Investment Managers

      •  Financial Planners

      •  Wealth Managers

      •  Directors/CEOs of Financial Adviser Companies


      Day 1

      Welcome - Tom Ellis, editor, Professional Adviser
      Keynote: Diversification remains your best friend..
      • 2020 a year in which we witnessed the fastest crash ever recorded in risk assets followed by an equal and opposite reaction rally. A stark reminder of the need to stay diversified!
      • We will review the driver of key risk assets in this period and reflect upon their place in your clients‘ portfolios.
      • Finally we will attempt to peer into the future to see what shape multi asset portfolios might take in this brave world we have created.

      Peter Toogood, Managing Director, The Adviser Centre & CIO, Embark Group

      Income in a post-Covid world

      The economic impact of the crisis has sent bond yields to record lows and forced corporates to suspend dividends in an unprecedented manner. Vincent will outline why now, more than ever, a multi asset solution is needed to deliver an attractive level of income.

      Vincent McEntegart, Investment Manager, Aegon Asset Management

      Active and Passive – The perfect blend

      The use of active and passive investments should no longer be a binary debate, we believe there is a place for both in certain market conditions and within client portfolios. In this session we will cover:

      • The return formula and sources of return
      • Market efficiency and the impact on the use of active and passive investments
      • Benefits of blending active and passive investments during the economic cycle and integrating this into an investment process
      • How we have blended active and passive investments within the new Schroder Portfolios

      Alex Funk, Chief Investment Officer, Benchmark Capital

      The best of all possible worlds
      As the world continues to wrestle with the pandemic, financial markets seem utterly untroubled. Indeed, some markets have recently set record highs. At the root of it all is bond yields. By understanding the links between bonds and other asset classes, we can see why 2020 has been the best of all possible worlds for some assets—but why a very different set of investments may offer more attractive returns going forward.

      Rob Perrone, Investment Counsellor, Orbis Investments

      Q&A with all 4 speakers, hosted by Tom Ellis
      A chance to browse the Exhibition Hall and chat with your peers in the Networking Area

      Day 2

      Welcome - Tom Ellis
      Keynote: Navigating the Multi Asset Universe
      • Why Multi-Asset and the growth in the market 
      • The characteristics of successful Multi-Asset strategies 
      • Finding the right fund for your client’s needs

      Jock Glover, COO Research & Consulting, Square Mile Investment Consulting & Research Limited

      Why optimism matters

      Against a backdrop of complexity, the Baillie Gifford Managed Fund is a simple, successful and good value proposition. Asset allocation reflects the Fund’s aim to deliver capital growth over rolling five-year periods - the majority is typically invested in Baillie Gifford’s best regional equity investment ideas, with our global bond portfolio providing balance (while also adding to returns) and cash used tactically as required. The success of the Fund is attributable to the consistency with which we have applied our active, optimistic and long-term approach since 1987.

      Lucy Haddow, Client Service Director, Baillie Gifford

      Doing Good and Doing Well with ESG

      ESG and impact investing has evolved incredibly over the past years, driven by investor demand and the marked financial materiality of the ESG factors. COVID-19 has further solidified the importance and prevalence of ESG as an investing lens, with “good” companies recovering more quickly from the drawdown. This growth has ushered in new investment approaches and opportunities for advisors to navigate with their clients. We will explore how UK advisors can implement ESG in their portfolios, elucidate some ESG-specific due diligence considerations, and make a connection between ESG and the advisor’s success with retention in intergenerational wealth transfers.

      Julia Rees, Executive Director, Goldman Sachs Asset Management

      Why don’t we all drive the same car?

      It’s easy to forget that investment funds exist to solve problems, just like any other product. Investors can get caught up in trying to find the latest investment idea and lose sight of what is important. During this presentation, I aim to bring listeners back to the fundamental question of ‘what problem am I trying to solve?’. Once I have identified some common investor needs and preferences, I look at how we have chosen to solve these problems at HSBC Global Asset Management.

      Robert Wakefield Multi-Asset Investment Specialist, HSBC Global Asset Management

      Q&A with all 4 speakers, hosted by Tom Ellis

      A chance to browse the Exhibition Hall and chat with your peers in the Networking Area


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