Responding to Coronavirus

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LEBC invests in ongoing continuity planning and we have been able to successfully deploy measures which will enable us to continue to look after our clients, while keeping our staff safe and well. A few weeks ago, seeing how this was progressing in Italy, we set up a special working group to manage the challenges of the epidemic and so far our plans are working well, with all members of staff pulling together to ensure we can continue to look after clients and each other.

Being a national firm with multiple locations we have developed systems for moving work between offices, so we are confident that we can continue to provide a good service to clients as this epidemic develops. We have already moved some staff to home working, with advance plans for others to follow when the need arises. Like most firms we have staff who will be challenged with childcare issues but flexible working practices and a team spirit from all our staff will help them to manage this challenge in the coming weeks. We will remain open for business and will be available to all our clients to help them through this difficult time.

We are also keeping clients informed of the impact of market volatility on their investments. Many clients have expressed their relief that the impact on their investments has been much less than they were fearing from seeing the news headlines. We offer a series of multi asset portfolios and so while investments have fallen in value over recent weeks, the reduction has been much less than the 30% plus drop in UK listed shares, as other assets and global currency exposure have offset the downside.