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As we all adapt to this new way of working, we are all leaning hard on tech in ways we may not have done previously.

Whilst we all have our favourite apps and tools it never harms to share ideas at times like this so here are a few I use. I have ignored the core technologies of platforms and portals which are in common use in practices.

At my practice we used IGLOO for intranet communications but both Slack and Microsoft Teams have progressed hugely, and many practices are using them very successfully for remote communications, video conferencing and most importantly, cutting down on email traffic.

Video communication seems to pretty much revolve around Zoom, Ring Central, Big Marker and GoToMeeting. They all offer screen sharing and recording and it will come down to personal preferences. They accomplish everything from one to one calls to webinars.

Recording video messaged may become much more common and it is hard to know where to start but screen recording apps like Camtasia from Techsmith and Loom are proving popular.

Video hosting tends to be either Vimeo or Wistia, but I also hear good things about Vidyard which also delivers screen recording like Camtasia and Loom.

Talking of video, there are no end of ways to use smart phone video but a couple of useful free apps that can dramatically improve them are BIGVU which allows for on screen autocue and Dolby which improves sound quality.

Quick graphic design tools proliferate but Canva, Pic Monkey and Adobe Spark stand out for quick and easy social media and blog graphics.

If you need photos for blog posts and don’t want to pay for stock images then check out Pexels, Unsplash, Stocksnap and Pixabay. Just familiarise yourself with the Creative Commons Licencing system. As a rule of thumb, you are looking for a Creative Commons O Licence which allows for redistribution with no attribution. Beware taking images straight off the web, they often now have tracking pixels in them, and they will chase you for payment and copyright infringement.

There are just too many to mention but I hope some of these suggestions help.