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Welcome & Introduction
Conference Chair
Keynote Address - Setting the scene: The World of Multi-asset Investing, Defaqto

Consumer Duty continues to drive adviser demand for high quality outsourced investment solutions and multi-asset propositions are constantly evolving to me the high demand. Defaqto sets the scene for the event by looking at how advisers are using these solutions, be that through funds or MPS structures, considering elements including: performance, fees, risk, asset allocation and ESG.

Learning Objectives:

In this session, Defaqto’s Investment experts will look specifically at the following:
• Defining multi-asset
• Comparing funds, outsourced MPS and adviser-led portfolios
• Addressing ESG under SDR, through multi-asset

Insight & Consulting Director
Session 1, 5 Key Questions to ask your Managed Portfolio Service (MPS) Provider, Quilter Cheviot

The FCA’s Consumer Duty directive, which came into effect in July 2023, is leading advisers to appraise and realign their processes and propositions. In just five questions, we outline what to look out for to ensure that your clients are getting the best outcomes from your chosen MPS.

Learning objectives

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

1. Explain the characteristics of a 'typical' MPS, the challenges that these can present and the potential advantages of truly active management in terms of flexibility, returns and risk management.

2. Explain what a dynamic, responsive investment process looks like and the benefits that it brings your clients.

3. Understand the complexities managing multiple mandates across a range of platforms can present in terms of operational efficiency and consistency of both costs and holdings.

Investment Manager
Quilter Cheviot

Session 2, How to Improve Your Clients’ ‘User Experience’, Downing Fund Managers

You work hard to keep your clients happy: Be it top-notch planning; well-trained support staff; or just the cracking biscuits in the meeting room, it’s all about making their ‘user experience’ as good as it can be.

But, in the blink of an eye, all that can be ruined by an ill-considered CIP.

In this session, we look at ways in which your choice of investment product can damage your users’ perception of your service or, if you get it right, enhance it. 

Learning objectives

  • By the end of this session, you will be able to explain how different types of investment product can help or prevent a client from completing the financial plan you have created for them.
  • You will be able to explain how, despite delivering its stated outcome, an investment product may still result in poor client outcomes on account of an undesirable user experience.
  • You will be able to state the two main ways in which a client’s resolve will be tested when holding a market-based investment, and how you might help them endure both sets of challenges.

Fund Manager
Downing Fund Managers

Networking Break
Session 3, The Active vs Passive Sweet Spot, HSBC Asset Management

Join Jennie Byun, Senior Multi-Asset Investment Specialist at HSBC, to discuss active vs passive considerations investors can take when building a multi-asset portfolio.

Learning objectives:

• To understand the spectrum of active and passive investment techniques, and the difference between them

• To understand the advantages and disadvantages of active asset allocation and active stock selection in dynamic market conditions

• To outline the market outlook for 2022 and demonstrate how an active approach to portfolio management can benefit investors in this environment

Senior Multi-Asset Investment Specialist
HSBC Asset Management

Session 4, Discretionary Managed Portfolio Services: The new normal, Quilter Investors

The last few years have seen significant change within the industry, none more so than in the changing regulatory landscape that has affected all advisory business in the UK. Undoubtedly, this has led to changes in the way firms seek to manage their businesses and their approach to investment advice. One of the big changes has been how and to what degree financial advisers are running advisory Model Portfolios or using Discretionary Model Portfolio Services with their clients.

Learning Objectives:

In this session, Quilter’s Investment experts will look specifically at Discretionary Model Portfolio Services and discuss:

• the changing market trends affecting how advisers choose to manage their clients’ investments.

• the impacts on advisory businesses that are driving this change.

• the solutions available to help you run an efficient investment process.

Investment Director
Quilter Investors

Session 5, Mapping the Evolution of Multi-Asset Investing, Blackrock

Learning Objectives:

1. Mapping the Evolution of Multi-Asset Investing - Tracing the history of multi-asset investing from seminal academic works, rise of balanced funds and the changing regulatory landscape.

2. Understanding the Benefits of Multi-Asset Strategies - Multi-asset strategies benefit from the power of diversification, the risk-return trade-off and the importance of being granular and nimble in portfolios.

3. Identifying the Key Drivers of Multi-Asset Returns - Explore how economic factors, valuations, and correlations between asset classes drive the performance of multi-asset investments.

Portfolio Manager & Lead Strategist, MyMap
Executive Director
Indexed Investments & Solution

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