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The death of bonds has been greatly exaggerated

Last year was a vivid reminder that the distortions created by extreme monetary policy were destined to have consequences for financial markets and the wider economy. Not since the 1970’s have we witnessed such supply chain issues caused by the pandemic, and an energy crisis related to the war in Ukraine. The monetary policy response was overwhelming to stimulate demand and this has resulted in inflation rates not seen in decades, with significant knock on effects for risk assets. However with inflation rates fading globally are we back to business as usual and can we assume that the road ahead is clear? We will explore how far along the road to normality we have travelled and the possible paths we can follow as we move into 2024.

Managing Director & CIO
The Adviser Centre & Embark Group
Session 1 - Brooks Macdonald

The return of Natural Income – designing retirement solutions for a post QE world

For most of the post-Pension Freedoms era, suppressed annuity rates and investment yields have forced investors in decumulation to rely on regular capital drawdowns to meet income requirements. Additionally, the unprecedented interest rate rises over the past 18 months has inflicted significant mark to market capital losses for investors in gilts and other interest rate sensitive assets. David Appleton, co-manager of the SVS Cornelian Risk Manged Fund Range, will explore the winners and losers from the transition to a higher interest rate environment and discuss the opportunities available to improve investment solutions to meet the financial goals of clients in retirement.

By the end of the session, delegates will be able to:

  • Explain the impact of the shift to higher interest rates on a range of financial assets.
  • Identify the prospects for a range of income-producing asset classes including cash/money markets, fixed income, infrastructure, and real estate.
  • Describe the crucial role investments natural income play in the design of retirement solutions to ensure clients can meet their financial goals.
Senior Investment Director
Brooks Macdonald

Session 2 - Downing

Emperor’s New Clothes: how not to get caught in the buff

The investment industry wants to baffle you with complexity.

Resist! Keeping your CIP simple will reduce your investment risk, save you time, cut red tape and grow your business.

This session focuses on how you can win more by doing less.

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Explain how unnecessary complexity can hurt your clients and your business
  • Identify and eradicate investment activity and products that could damage clients’ outcomes
  • Describe how a central investment proposition should look and act so that it meets your consumer duties
Fund Manager


chaired by Hope William-Smith

Networking Break
Session 3 - Atlantic House Investments

The Atlantic House Balanced Return Fund

Exploring the diversified multi-asset portfolio that uses a broader toolkit to offer investors greater resilience and predictability throughout the economic cycle.

By the end of the session, delegates will be able to:

  • Identify the challenges of multi-asset investing in this inflation and interest rates environment
  • Describe how a multi-asset fund that provides investors with exposure to characteristics of equity and bonds can be a useful tool in a multi-asset portfolio
  • Describe how a systematic approach to duration management and exposure to inflation can improve diversification from fixed income across multiple inflation environments for investors
Lead Fund Manager
Atlantic House Investments

Session 4 - Canada Life Asset Management

Finding the right balance between risk and return (or is cash the new place to be?)

Fund managers can often leave us believing that performance is all about return and that risk can be ignored, given that it is outsourced; a badge number is all you need. But in the new world of higher interest rates, growth and momentum, a concentrated portfolio will no longer work. Worse, ignoring risk management, will likely lead to poor customer outcomes. Additionally, a new narrative has started to emerge; what about taking no risk at all? With returns on cash now more attractive and, after two years of poor returns, clients may be increasingly cautious on taking market risk and being invested at all. Is the risk premium enough? For risk-targeted multi-asset approaches, we discuss how clients can benefit from being fully invested, and avoid the temptation of trying to time the market.

  • Describe the differences between risk rated a risk targeted solutions and what this means for client investments
  • Explain the role of cash for the long term investor
  • Summarise the market cycle and why risk management is key to navigating market volatility
Fund Manager
Canada Life Asset Management

Session 5 - Invesco

Nightmares of a portfolio manager

Managing client portfolios can be a stressful undertaking, especially when market uncertainty is in the air and investors need to make their money work harder. In this presentation Ben Gutteridge, Portfolio Manager - Multi-Asset Strategies, will discuss what keeps him awake at night, covering off the key concerns that many managers face such as operational challenges, scaling a service and, of most concern to clients, investment disappointment. On that basis, the audience can expect commentary on how inflationary, recessionary and geopolitical concerns might impact investment performance going forward.

By the end of this session, delegates will be able to:

  • Identify the key risks that continue to plague markets
  • Describe the operational challenges of model portfolio management
  • Summarise different methods to service a breadth of investment propositions

Portfolio Manager - Multi-Asset Strategies


chaired by Hope William-Smith

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London Venue

Leonardo Royal Hotel

Thursday 21st September 2023

45 Prescot St, London E1 8GP

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